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  • وقت بدرودن گه منجل زدن  ** روز پاداش آمد و پیدا شدن 
  • The season of reaping and the time of plying the sickle is the day of recompense and manifestation.
  • گفتن خواجه در خواب به آن پای‌مرد وجوه وام آن دوست را کی آمده بود و نشان دادن جای دفن آن سیم و پیغام کردن به وارثان کی البته آن را بسیار نبینند وهیچ باز نگیرند و اگر چه او هیچ از آن قبول نکند یا بعضی را قبول نکند هم آنجا بگذارند تا هر آنک خواهد برگیرد کی من با خدا نذرها کردم کی از آن سیم به من و به متعلقان من حبه‌ای باز نگردد الی آخره 
  • [How the Khwája disclosed to the bailiff in his dream the means of paying the debts incurred by the friend who had come (to visit him); and how he indicated the spot where the money was buried, and sent a message to his heirs that on no account should they regard that (sum of money) as too much (for the debtor) or withhold anything (from him), and that (even) though he were to refuse the whole or a part of it they must let it remain in the place (where it was accessible), in order that any one who wished might take it away; ‘for,’ said he, ‘I have made vows to God that not one mite of that money shall come back again to me and those connected with me,’ etc.]
  • بشنو اکنون داد مهمان جدید  ** من همی دیدم که او خواهد رسید 
  • Now hear the bounty (which I have reserved) for my new guest. I foresaw that he would arrive,
  • من شنوده بودم از وامش خبر  ** بسته بهر او دو سه پاره گهر 
  • And I had heard the news of his debt, (so) I packed up two or three jewels for him,
  • که وفای وام او هستند و بیش  ** تا که ضیفم را نگردد سینه ریش  3535
  • Which are (enough for) the full payment of his debt, and more: (this I did) in order that the heart of my guest should not be wounded (torn with anxiety).
  • وام دارد از ذهب او نه هزار  ** وام را از بعض این گو بر گزار 
  • He owes nine thousand (pieces) of gold: let him discharge his debt with some of these (jewels).
  • فضله ماند زین بسی گو خرج کن  ** در دعایی گو مرا هم درج کن 
  • There will be a great many of them left over: let him expend (this surplus) and include me too in a benediction.
  • خواستم تا آن به دست خود دهم  ** در فلان دفتر نوشتست این قسم 
  • I wished to give them (to him) with my own hand: (all) these assignments are written in such-and-such a note-book.
  • خود اجل مهلت ندادم تا که من  ** خفیه بسپارم بدو در عدن 
  • Death, however, did not allow me time to hand over to him secretly the pearls of Aden.
  • لعل و یاقوتست بهر وام او  ** در خنوری و نبشته نام او  3540
  • Rubies and corundums for (the payment of) his debt are (stored) in a certain vessel on which his name is written.
  • در فلان طاقیش مدفون کرده‌ام  ** من غم آن یار پیشین خورده‌ام 
  • I have buried it in a certain vault: I have shown solicitude for my ancient friend.