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  • توبه کن و ز خورده استفراغ کن ** ور جراحت کهنه شد رو داغ کن‏
  • Repent, and empty yourself of what you have drunk; and if your wound is old (and unhealed), go, cauterise (it).
  • تتمه‏ی حکایت خرس و آن ابله که بر وفای او اعتماد کرده بود
  • Continuation of the story of the bear and of the fool who had put trust in its good faith.
  • خرس هم از اژدها چون وارهید ** و آن کرم ز آن مرد مردانه بدید 2010
  • The bear, too, when it was delivered from the dragon and received such kindness from that brave man—
  • چون سگ اصحاب کهف آن خرس زار ** شد ملازم در پی آن بردبار
  • Like the dog of the Men of the Cave, that poor bear became an attendant at the heels of him that bore the burden (of the fight with the dragon).
  • آن مسلمان سر نهاد از خستگی ** خرس حارس گشت از دل بستگی‏
  • That Moslem, from fatigue, laid down his head (to rest); the bear, from devotion (to him), became (his) guard.
  • آن یکی بگذشت و گفتش حال چیست ** ای برادر مر ترا این خرس کیست‏
  • A certain man passed by and said to him, “What has happened? O brother, who is this bear (in relation) to you?”
  • قصه واگفت و حدیث اژدها ** گفت بر خرسی منه دل ابلها
  • He recounted the adventure, and the story of the dragon. The other said, “Do not set your heart on a bear, O fool!
  • دوستی ابله بتر از دشمنی است ** او بهر حیله که دانی راندنی است‏ 2015
  • The friendship of a fool is worse than (his) enmity: it (the bear) ought to be driven away by every means you know.”
  • گفت و الله از حسودی گفت این ** ور نه خرسی چه نگری این مهر بین‏
  • He (the man with the bear) said (to himself), “By God, he has said this from envy; otherwise,” (he said aloud), “why do you look at the bearishness (of the bear)? Behold this affection (which it has for me)!”
  • گفت مهر ابلهان عشوه‏ده است ** این حسودی من از مهرش به است‏
  • “The affection of fools,” said the other, “is beguiling; this envy of mine is better than its (the bear's) affection.
  • هی بیا با من بران این خرس را ** خرس را مگزین مهل هم جنس را
  • Hey, come with me and drive away this bear: do not choose the bear (as your friend), do not forsake one of your own kind!”