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  • جز بب چشم نتوان شستن آن ** چون نجاسات بواطن شد عیان
  • It cannot be washed away save by water of the eye (tears), when (once) the inward filthinesses have become manifest.
  • چون نجس خواندست کافر را خدا ** آن نجاست نیست بر ظاهر ورا
  • Since God has called the infidel “filth,” that filthiness is not on his outward part.
  • ظاهر کافر ملوث نیست زین ** آن نجاست هست در اخلاق و دین 2095
  • The infidel's outward part is not defiled by this (outward filth); that filthiness is in (his) disposition and religion.
  • این نجاست بویش آید بیست گام ** و آن نجاست بویش از ری تا بشام
  • The smell of this (outward filth comes (extends to a distance of) twenty paces; but the smell of that (inward) filth (reaches) from Rayy to Damascus;
  • بلک بویش آسمانها بر رود ** بر دماغ حور و رضوان بر شود
  • Nay, its smell goes up to the heavens and mounts to the brain of the houris and Rizwán.
  • اینچ می‌گویم به قدر فهم تست ** مردم اندر حسرت فهم درست
  • What I am saying is according to the measure of your understanding: I die in grief for (the absence of) a sound understanding.
  • فهم آبست و وجود تن سبو ** چون سبو بشکست ریزد آب ازو
  • The understanding is (like) the water, and the bodily existence (is like) the jug: when the jug is cracked, the water spills from it.
  • این سبو را پنج سوراخست ژرف ** اندرو نه آب ماند خود نه برف 2100
  • This jug has five deep holes: neither water will stay in it nor even snow.
  • امر غضوا غضة ابصارکم ** هم شنیدی راست ننهادی تو سم
  • You have heard, too, the command (of God), “Close ye your eyes tightly”; (yet) you have not walked aright.
  • از دهانت نطق فهمت را برد ** گوش چون ریگست فهمت را خورد
  • Your speech bears away your understanding by (way of) the mouth; your ear is like sand: it drinks (sucks up) your understanding.