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  • آن دقوقی در امامت کرد ساز ** اندر آن ساحل در آمد در نماز
  • Daqúqí made ready to act as Imám: he began to perform the ritual prayer on the shore,
  • و آن جماعت در پی او در قیام ** اینت زیبا قوم و بگزیده امام
  • While that company stood up behind him. Look you, a goodly company, and an elect Imám!
  • ناگهان چشمش سوی دریا فتاد ** چون شنید از سوی دریا داد داد
  • Of a sudden his eye turned towards the sea, because he heard (cries of) “Help! Help!” (coming) from the direction of the sea.
  • در میان موج دید او کشتیی ** در قضا و در بلا و زشتیی
  • He saw amidst the waves a ship in (the hour of its) fate, and in tribulation and an evil plight.
  • هم شب و هم ابر و هم موج عظیم ** این سه تاریکی و از غرقاب بیم 2180
  • (There were) both night and clouds and huge waves: these three darknesses, and (also) fear of (being drowned in) the whirlpool.
  • تند بادی همچو عزرائیل خاست ** موجها آشوفت اندر چپ و راست
  • A fierce wind, like ‘Azrá’íl, arose; the waves tossed on left and right.
  • اهل کشتی از مهابت کاسته ** نعره وا ویلها برخاسته
  • The people in the ship were faint with terror: cries of woe had arisen,
  • دستها در نوحه بر سر می‌زدند ** کافر و ملحد همه مخلص شدند
  • And in lamentation they were beating their heads with their hands: infidel and deist—they all had become sincere (in devotion to God),
  • با خدا با صد تضرع آن زمان ** عهدها و نذرها کرده بجان
  • Making heartfelt promises and vows to God with a hundred humble entreaties in that hour.
  • سر برهنه در سجود آنها که هیچ ** رویشان قبله ندید از پیچ پیچ 2185
  • Bare-headed in the prostrate attitude (of Divine worship) were those whose faces, because of (their) perversity, had never seen the qibla at all.