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  • نیم‌بیداری که او رنجور بود ** طقطق آهسته‌اش را می‌شنود 2800
  • Some one half-awake, who was ill, heard the soft tapping of his (pick),
  • رفت بر بام و فرو آویخت سر ** گفت او را در چه کاری ای پدر
  • And went on the roof and hung his head down and said to him, “What are you about, O father?
  • خیر باشد نیمشب چه می‌کنی ** تو کیی گفتا دهل‌زن ای سنی
  • All is well, I hope. What are you doing (here) at midnight? Who are you?” He said, “A drummer, O honourable sir.”
  • در چه کاری گفت می‌کوبم دهل ** گفت کو بانگ دهل ای بوسبل
  • “What are you about?” He said, “I am beating the drum.” He (the sick man) said, “Where is the noise of the drum, O artful one?”
  • گفت فردا بشنوی این بانگ را ** نعره یا حسرتا وا ویلتا
  • He said, “You will hear this noise to-morrow, (namely) cries of ‘Oh, alas!’ and ‘Oh, woe is me!’”
  • آن دروغست و کژ و بر ساخته ** سر آن کژ را تو هم نشناخته 2805
  • That (story of the hare and the elephant) is a lie and false and made up; moreover, thou hast not perceived the secret (the esoteric meaning) of that falsehood.
  • جواب آن مثل کی منکران گفتند از رسالت خرگوش پیغام به پیل از ماه آسمان
  • The answer to the parable which the unbelievers related concerning the hare's being sent as ambassador with a message to the elephant from the Moon in heaven.
  • سر آن خرگوش دان دیو فضول ** که به پیش نفس تو آمد رسول
  • Know that the hidden nature of that hare is the insolent Devil who came as an ambassador to thy soul,
  • تا که نفس گول را محروم کرد ** ز آب حیوانی که از وی خضر خورد
  • In order that he might deprive thy foolish soul of the Water of Life whence Khizr drank.
  • بازگونه کرده‌ای معنیش را ** کفر گفتی مستعد شو نیش را
  • Thou hast perverted its (the parable's) meaning, thou hast uttered blasphemy: prepare thyself for the sting (of Divine chastisement).
  • اضطراب ماه گفتی در زلال ** که بترسانید پیلان را شغال
  • Thou hast spoken of the moon's being disturbed in the limpid water, whereby the jackal (hare) frightened the elephants;