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  • لاجرم آماس گیرد دست و پا ** تشنگی را نشکند آن استقا
  • Consequently the hands and feet become swollen: that water-drinking does not defeat the thirst.”
  • باز جواب انبیا علیهم السلام ایشان را
  • How the prophets, on whom be peace, answered them again.
  • انبیا گفتند نومیدی بدست ** فضل و رحمتهای باری بی‌حدست
  • The prophets said, “Despair is wicked: the grace and the mercies of the Creator are infinite.
  • از چنین محسن نشاید ناامید ** دست در فتراک این رحمت زنید
  • ’Tis not proper to despair of such a Benefactor: cling to the saddle-strap of this Mercy.
  • ای بسا کارا که اول صعب گشت ** بعد از آن بگشاده شد سختی گذشت
  • Oh, many a plight became hard in the beginning, (but) afterwards it was relieved, and the hardship passed away.
  • بعد نومیدی بسی اومیدهاست ** از پس ظلمت بسی خورشیدهاست 2925
  • After despair there are many hopes; after darkness there are many suns.
  • خود گرفتم که شما سنگین شدیت ** قفلها بر گوش و بر دل بر زدیت
  • I grant indeed that ye have become stony and have put locks upon your ears and hearts;
  • هیچ ما را با قبولی کار نیست ** کار ما تسلیم و فرمان کردنیست
  • (But) we have naught to do with any acceptance (on your part): our business is to resign ourselves (to God) and fulfil His command.
  • او بفرمودستمان این بندگی ** نیست ما را از خود این گویندگی
  • He hath commanded us (to perform) this service: we have not this office of proclaimer (prophetship) from ourselves.
  • جان برای امر او داریم ما ** گر به ریگی گوید او کاریم ما
  • We possess life (only) for the purpose of (executing) the command of God: if He bid us (sow) in a tract of sand, we sow.
  • غیر حق جان نبی را یار نیست ** با قبول و رد خلقش کار نیست 2930
  • The prophet's soul hath no friend except God: he hath naught to do with the acceptance or rejection of (his message by) the people.