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  • پس بپرس از حد او وز فعل او ** در میان حد و فعل او را بجو
  • Inquire, then, about his (spiritual) degree and his (interior) actions: in the midst of his degree and actions seek (to discover) him.
  • درآمدن سلیمان علیه‌السلام هر روز در مسجد اقصی بعد از تمام شدن جهت عبادت و ارشاد عابدان و معتکفان و رستن عقاقیر در مسجد
  • How Solomon, on whom be peace, entered the Farther Mosque daily, after its completion, for the purpose of worshipping and directing the worshippers and devotees; and how medicinal herbs grew in the Mosque.
  • هر صباحی چون سلیمان آمدی ** خاضع اندر مسجد اقصی شدی
  • Every morning, when Solomon came and made supplication in the Farther Mosque.
  • نوگیاهی رسته دیدی اندرو ** پس بگفتی نام و نفع خود بگو
  • He saw that a new plant had grown there; then he would say, “Tell thy name and use.
  • تو چه دارویی چیی نامت چیست ** تو زیان کی و نفعت بر کیست
  • What medicine art thou? What art thou? What is thy name? To whom art thou hurtful and for whom is thy usefulness?”
  • پس بگفتی هر گیاهی فعل و نام ** که من آن را جانم و این را حمام 1290
  • Then every plant would tell its effect and name, saying “I am life to that one, and death to this one.
  • من مرین را زهرم و او را شکر ** نام من اینست بر لوح از قدر
  • I am poison to this one, and sugar to that one: this is my name (inscribed) on the Tablet by (the pen of) the Divine decree.”
  • پس طبیبان از سلیمان زان گیا ** عالم و دانا شدندی مقتدی
  • Then (by hearing) from Solomon about those plants the physicians became learned and wise authorities (on medicine),
  • تا کتبهای طبیبی ساختند ** جسم را از رنج می‌پرداختند
  • So that they compiled medical books and were relieving the body from pain.
  • این نجوم و طب وحی انبیاست ** عقل و حس را سوی بی‌سو ره کجاست
  • This astronomy and medicine is (knowledge given by) Divine inspiration to the prophets: where is the way for intellect and sense (to advance) towards that which is without (spatial) direction?
  • عقل جزوی عقل استخراج نیست ** جز پذیرای فن و محتاج نیست 1295
  • The particular (individual) intellect is not the intellect (capable) of production: it is only the receiver of science and is in need (of teaching).