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  • هست یک نامش ولی الدولتین  ** هست یک نعتش امام القبلتین 
  • One name of him is “owner of the two empires”; one description of him is “Imám of the two qiblas.”
  • خلوت و چله برو لازم نماند  ** هیچ غیمی مر ورا غایم نماند 
  • The religious seclusion and the forty days' fast are no longer incumbent on him: no cloud is overclouding him any more.
  • قرص خورشیدست خلوت‌خانه‌اش  ** کی حجاب آرد شب بیگانه‌اش  3610
  • His solitary cell is (resplendent as) the sun's orb: how should alien night throw a veil over it?
  • علت و پرهیز شد بحران نماند  ** کفر او ایمان شد و کفران نماند 
  • Sickness and abstinence are gone, the crisis is past: his infidelity has become faith, and disbelief is no more.
  • چون الف از استقامت شد به پیش  ** او ندارد هیچ از اوصاف خویش 
  • Like (the letter) alif, he has taken the foremost place because of his straightness (rectitude): he retains nothing of his own qualities.
  • گشت فرد از کسوه‌ی خوهای خویش  ** شد برهنه جان به جان‌افزای خویش 
  • He has become separated from the garment of his own dispositions: his spirit has gone, naked, to Him who gives it increase of spirituality.
  • چون برهنه رفت پیش شاه فرد  ** شاهش از اوصاف قدسی جامه کرد 
  • Inasmuch as it went naked into the presence of the incomparable King, the King made for it a raiment of holy qualities.
  • خلعتی پوشید از اوصاف شاه  ** بر پرید از چاه بر ایوان جاه  3615
  • It put on a robe of the King's qualities: it flew up from the pit to the palace of majesty.
  • این چنین باشد چو دردی صاف گشت  ** از بن طشت آمد او بالای طشت 
  • Such is the case: when dregs become pure, they rise from the bottom of the bowl to the top.
  • در بن طشت از چه بود او دردناک  ** شومی آمیزش اجزای خاک 
  • Although it (the spirit) remained like dregs at the bottom of the bowl owing to the ill-luck of mixing with particles of earth, (this was not in accordance with its nature).