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  • رنگ طین پیدا و نور دین نهان  ** هر پیمبر این چنین بد در جهان 
  • The colour of clay is manifest, the light of religion is hidden: such was (the case of) every prophet in the world.
  • آن مناره دید و در وی مرغ نی  ** بر مناره شاه‌بازی پر فنی  1140
  • One (person) saw the minaret, but not the bird (perched) upon it, (though) upon the minaret (was) a fully accomplished royal falcon;
  • وان دوم می‌دید مرغی پرزنی  ** لیک موی اندر دهان مرغ نی 
  • And a second (observer) saw a bird flapping its wings, but not the hair in the bird's mouth (beak);
  • وانک او ینظر به نور الله بود  ** هم ز مرغ و هم ز مو آگاه بود 
  • But that one who was seeing by the light of God was aware both of the bird and of the hair,
  • گفت آخر چشم سوی موی نه  ** تا نبینی مو بنگشاید گره 
  • And said (to the other), “Pray, direct thine eye towards the hair: till thou see the hair, the knot will not be untied.”
  • آن یکی گل دید نقشین دو وحل  ** وآن دگر گل دید پر علم و عمل 
  • The one saw in the mud (only) figured clay, while the other saw clay replete with knowledge and works.
  • تن مناره علم و طاعت هم‌چو مرغ  ** خواه سیصد مرغ‌گیر و یا دو مرغ  1145
  • 1145 The body is the minaret, knowledge and obedience (to God) are like the bird: suppose three hundred birds (to be perched on it) or (only) two birds, whichever you please.
  • مرد اوسط مرغ‌بینست او و بس  ** غیر مرغی می‌نبیند پیش و پس 
  • The middle man sees the bird only: neither before nor behind (him) does he see anything but a bird.
  • موی آن نور نیست پنهان آن مرغ  ** هیچ عاریت نباشد کار او 
  • The hair is the hidden light belonging to the bird, whereby the soul of the bird is enduring (for ever).
  • مرغ کان مویست درمنقار او ** هیچ عاریت نباشد کار او
  • The works of the bird in whose beak is that hair are never counterfeit.