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  • علم او از جان او جوشد مدام  ** پیش او نه مستعار آمد نه وام 
  • Its knowledge gushes perpetually from its soul: it (this bird) has nothing that is borrowed (from others) and (owes) no debt.
  • رنجور شدن این هلال و بی‌خبری خواجه‌ی او از رنجوری او از تحقیر و ناشناخت و واقف شدن دل مصطفی علیه‌السلام از رنجوری و حال او و افتقاد و عیادت رسول علیه‌السلام این هلال را 
  • How this Hilál fell ill, and how his master was unaware of his being ill, because he despised him and did not recognise (his real worth); and how the heart of Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, came to know of his illness and his state (of weakness), and how the Prophet, on whom be peace, inquired after this Hilál and went to see him.
  • از قضا رنجور و ناخوش شد هلال  ** مصطفی را وحی شد غماز حال  1150
  • By (Divine) destiny Hilál became ill and weak: inspiration acquainted Mustafá with his condition.
  • بد ز رنجوریش خواجه‌ش بی‌خبر  ** که بر او بد کساد و بی‌خطر 
  • His master was unaware of his illness, for in his eyes he (Hilál) was worth little and without importance.
  • خفته نه روز اندر آخر محسنی  ** هیچ کس از حال او آگاه نی 
  • (Such) a well-doer lay (ill) in the stable for nine days, and none took notice of his plight.
  • آنک کس بود و شهنشاه کسان  ** عقل صد چون قلزمش هر جا رسان 
  • (But) he who was a personage and the Emperor of (all) personages, he whose oceanic mind reaches every place—
  • وحیش آمد رحم حق غم‌خوار شد  ** که فلان مشتاق تو بیمار شد 
  • To him came the (Divine) inspiration: God's Mercy sympathised (with Hilál), saying (to the Prophet), “Such-and-such an one who longs for thee is fallen sick.”
  • مصطفی بهر هلال با شرف  ** رفت از بهر عیادت آن طرف  1155
  • (Thereupon) Mustafá went thither to pay a visit to the noble Hilál.
  • در پی خورشید وحی آن مه دوان  ** وآن صحابه در پیش چون اختران 
  • The (Prophetic) Moon was running behind the Sun of inspiration, while the Companions followed behind him, like the stars.
  • ماه می‌گوید که اصحابی نجوم  ** للسری قدوه و للطاغی رجوم 
  • The Moon is saying, “My Companions are stars—a model for (those who follow them in) the night-journey, and missiles hurled at the disobedient.”
  • میر را گفتند که آن سلطان رسید  ** او ز شادی بی‌دل و جان برجهید 
  • (When) the Amír was told of the arrival of that (spiritual) Sultan, he sprang up, beside himself with joy;