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  • در بیان آنک بر فرمان رود  ** گر گلی را خار خواهد آن شود  2190
  • (Now hear a story) showing that if he who walks according to the (Divine) command wishes a rose to become a thorn, it will become that.
  • معجزه‌ی هود علیه‌السلام در تخلص ممنان امت به وقت نزول باد 
  • The evidentiary miracle of Húd, on whom be peace, in the deliverance of the true believers of the community at the moment when the Wind descended.
  • ممنان از دست باد ضایره  ** جمله بنشستند اندر دایره 
  • All the true believers, (seeking refuge) from the violence of the pernicious Wind, seated themselves in the circle (drawn by Húd).
  • یاد طوفان بود و کشتی لطف هو  ** بس چنین کشتی و طوفان دارد او 
  • The Wind was (like) the Flood, and His (God's) grace was the ship (Ark): He hath many such arks and floods.
  • پادشاهی را خدا کشتی کند  ** تا به حرص خویش بر صفها زند 
  • God makes a king to be (as) an ark (for his subjects), to the end that he, (impelled) by selfishness, may assault the ranks (of his enemies).
  • قصد شه آن نه که خلق آمن شوند  ** قصدش آنک ملک گردد پای‌بند 
  • The king's aim is not that the people should become safe; his aim is that his kingdom should become (like) a fetter (on his foot).
  • آن خراسی می‌دود قصدش خلاص  ** تا بیابد او ز زخم آن دم مناص  2195
  • The ass that turns the mill is running along: its aim is (to obtain) release, so that it may gain refuge from blows at that moment.
  • قصد او آن نه که آبی بر کشد  ** یاکه کنجد را بدان روغن کند 
  • Its aim is not to draw some water or thereby (by turning the mill) to make sesame into oil.
  • گاو بشتابد ز بیم زخم سخت  ** نه برای بردن گردون و رخت 
  • The ox hurries for fear of (receiving) hard blows, not for the purpose of taking the cart and baggage (to their destination);
  • لیک دادش حق چنین خوف وجع  ** تا مصالح حاصل آید در تبع 
  • But God put such fear of pain in him, to the end that good results might be achieved in consequence (of his fear).
  • هم‌چنان هر کاسبی اندر دکان  ** بهر خود کوشد نه اصلاح جهان 
  • Similarly, every shopkeeper works for himself, not for the improvement of the world.