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  • تو نظر داری ولیک امعانش نیست  ** چشمه‌ی افسرده است و کرده ایست  2180
  • You possess (the faculty of) consideration, but it does not go deep (into the subject): it is a frozen spring and has stopped (flowing).
  • زین همی گوید نگارنده‌ی فکر  ** که بکن ای بنده امعان نظر 
  • Hence the (Divine) Artist who depicts thoughts is saying, “Consider deeply, O (My) servant.”
  • آن نمی‌خواهد که آهن کوب سرد  ** لیک ای پولاد بر داود گرد 
  • He does not mean (to say), “Beat cold iron,” but (what He means is) “O (thou who art hard as) steel, devote thyself to David.”
  • تن بمردت سوی اسرافیل ران  ** دل فسردت رو به خورشید روان 
  • If your body is dead, resort to Isráfíl; if your heart is frozen, repair to the sun of the Spirit.
  • در خیال از بس که گشتی مکتسی  ** نک بسوفسطایی بدظن رسی 
  • Inasmuch as you have wrapped yourself in the garment of phantasy, lo, you will (soon) reach (the position of) the evil-minded sophist (sceptic).
  • او خود از لب خرد معزول بود  ** شد ز حس محروم و معزول از وجود  2185
  • Verily he was dispossessed of the kernel (which is) Reason: he was dispossessed of (true) perception and deprived of (immediate) experience.
  • هین سخن‌خا نوبت لب‌خایی است  ** گر بگویی خلق را رسوایی است 
  • Hark, O mouther, ’tis the hour for mumbling: if thou speak (clearly) to the people, ’tis a shameful exposure.
  • چیست امعان چشمه را کردن روان  ** چون ز تن جان رست گویندش روان 
  • What is (the meaning of) im‘án? (It means) causing the spring to flow: when the spirit (ján) has escaped from the body, they call it rawán.
  • آن حکیمی را که جان از بند تن  ** باز رست و شد روان اندر چمن 
  • The philosopher whose spirit was delivered from the bondage of the body and began to wander (rawán) in the garden (of Reality)
  • دو لقب را او برین هر دو نهاد  ** بهر فرق ای آفرین بر جانش باد 
  • Bestowed two (different) titles on these two (spirits) in order to distinguish (the one from the other). Oh, may his spirit be blest!