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  • حق ستون این جهان از ترس ساخت  ** هر یکی از ترس جان در کار باخت 
  • God made of fear the pillar (support) of this world: because of fear every one has devoted himself to work.
  • حمد ایزد را که ترسی را چنین  ** کرد او معمار و اصلاح زمین 
  • Praise be to God that on this wise He has made a fear to be the architect and (means for the) improvement of the world.
  • این همه ترسنده‌اند از نیک و بد  ** هیچ ترسنده نترسد خود ز خود 
  • All these (people) are afraid of (losing) good and (suffering) evil: none that is afraid is himself frightened by himself.
  • پس حقیقت بر همه حاکم کسیست  ** که قریبست او اگر محسوس نیست 
  • In reality, then, (the creator of their fear and) the ruler over (them) all is that One who is near, though He is not perceived by the senses.
  • هست او محسوس اندر مکمنی  ** لیک محسوس حس این خانه نی  2205
  • He is perceived in a certain hiding-place (the heart), but not perceived by the sense of this house (the body).
  • آن حسی که حق بر آن حس مظهرست  ** نیست حس این جهان آن دیگرست 
  • The sense to which God is manifested is not the sense of this world; it is another.
  • حس حیوان گر بدیدی آن صور  ** بایزید وقت بودی گاو و خر 
  • If the animal sense perceived those (Divine) forms (ideas) an ox or an ass would be the Báyazíd of the time.
  • آنک تن را مظهر هر روح کرد  ** وآنک کشتی را براق نوح کرد 
  • He who made the body to be the theatre in which every spirit is manifested, He who made the Ark to be the Buráq (steed) of Noah,
  • گر بخواهد عین کشتی را به خو  ** او کند طوفان تو ای نورجو 
  • He, if He will, makes (what is) a very ark in (its ordinary) character to be a (destructive) flood for you, O seeker of light.
  • هر دمت طوفان و کشتی ای مقل  ** با غم و شادیت کرد او متصل  2210
  • At every moment, O man of little means, He has conjoined with your grief and gladness an ark (to save you) and a flood (to destroy you).