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  • رفت و پرسید و بیامد که ز ری  ** گفت عزمش تا کجا درماند وی  390
  • He went and asked and returned, saying, “From Rayy.” “Whither bound?” asked the King. He (the Amír) was unable (to reply).
  • دیگری را گفت رو ای بوالعلا  ** باز پرس از کاروان که تا کجا 
  • (Then) he said to another (Amír), “Go, noble lord, and ask whither the caravan is bound.”
  • رفت و آمد گفت تا سوی یمن  ** گفت رختش چیست هان ای موتمن 
  • He went and returned and said, “For Yemen.” “Ha,” said the King, “what is their merchandise, O trusty one?”
  • ماند حیران گفت با میری دگر  ** که برو وا پرس رخت آن نفر 
  • He (the Amír) remained (silent) in perplexity. (Then) the King said to another Amír, “Go and inquire (what is) the merchandise of those people.”
  • باز آمد گفت از هر جنس هست  ** اغلب آن کاسه‌های رازیست 
  • He came back and said, “It is of every sort; the greater part consists of cups made in Rayy.”
  • گفت کی بیرون شدند از شهر ری  ** ماند حیران آن امیر سست پی  395
  • He (the King) asked, “When did they set out from the city of Rayy?” The dull-witted Amír remained (silent) in perplexity.
  • هم‌چنین تا سی امیر و بیشتر  ** سست‌رای و ناقص اندر کر و فر 
  • So (it went on) till thirty Amírs and more (had been tested): (all were) feeble in judgement and deficient in (mental) power.
  • گفت امیران را که من روزی جدا  ** امتحان کردم ایاز خویش را 
  • (Then) he said to the Amírs, “One day I put my Ayáz to the test separately,
  • که بپرس از کاروان تا از کجاست  ** او برفت این جمله وا پرسید راست 
  • Saying, ‘Inquire of the caravan (and find out) whence it comes.’ He went and asked all these questions (just) right.
  • بی‌وصیت بی‌اشارت یک به یک  ** حالشان دریافت بی ریبی و شک 
  • Without instructions, without a hint (from me), he apprehended everything concerning them, point by point, without any uncertainty or doubt.”