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  • من به صحرا خلوتی بگزیده‌ام  ** خلق را من دزد جامه دیده‌ام 
  • I have chosen a (place of) seclusion in the desert: I have perceived that manking are stealers of clothes.
  • نیم عمر از آرزوی دلستان  ** نیم عمر از غصه‌های دشمنان  460
  • Half of life (is lost) in desire for a charming friend; (the other) half of life (is lost) in anxieties caused by foes.
  • جبه را برد آن کله را این ببرد  ** غرق بازی گشته ما چون طفل خرد 
  • That (desire) has carried off (our) cloak, this (anxiety) has carried off (our) cap, (while) we have become absorbed in play, like a little child.
  • نک شبانگاه اجل نزدیک شد  ** خل هذا اللعب به سبک لاتعد 
  • Lo, the night-time of death is near. Leave this play: you have (played) enough, do not return (to it).
  • هین سوار توبه شود در دزد رس  ** جامه‌ها از دزد بستان باز پس 
  • Hark, mount (the steed of) repentance, overtake the thief, and recover your clothes from him.
  • مرکب توبه عجاب مرکبست  ** بر فلک تازد به یک لحظه ز پست 
  • The steed of repentance is a marvellous steed: in one moment it runs from below up to heaven.
  • لیک مرکب را نگه می‌دار از آن  ** کو بدزدید آن قبایت را نهان  465
  • But always keep the steed (safe) from him who secretly stole your coat.
  • تا ندزدد مرکبت را نیز هم  ** پاس دار این مرکبت را دم به دم 
  • Lest he steal your steed also, keep watch over this steed of yours incessantly.”
  • حکایت آن شخص کی دزدان قوج او را بدزدیدند و بر آن قناعت نکرد به حیله جامه‌هاش را هم دزدیدند 
  • Story of the person whose ram was stolen by some thieves. Not content with that, they stole his clothes too by means of a trick.
  • آن یکی قج داشت از پس می‌کشید  ** دزد قج را برد حبلش را برید 
  • A certain man had a ram (which) he was leading along behind him: a thief carried off the ram, having cut its halter.
  • چونک آگه شد دوان شد چپ و راست  ** تا بیابد کان قج برده کجاست 
  • As soon as he (the owner) noticed, he began to run to left and right, that he might find out where the stolen ram was.