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  • بانگ آبم من به گوش تشنگان  ** هم‌چو باران می‌رسم از آسمان 
  • (God says to you), “I am the noise of the water in the ears of the thirsty: I am coming like rain from heaven.
  • بر جه ای عاشق برآور اضطراب  ** بانگ آب و تشنه و آنگاه خواب 
  • Spring up, O lover, exhibit agitation: noise of water and (you) thirsty, and then to fall asleep!”
  • حکایت آن عاشق کی شب بیامد بر امید وعده‌ی معشوق بدان وثاقی کی اشارت کرده بود و بعضی از شب منتظر ماند و خوابش بربود معشوق آمد بهر انجاز وعده او را خفته یافت جیبش پر جوز کرد و او را خفته گذاشت و بازگشت 
  • Story of the lover who, in hope of the tryst promised (to him) by his beloved, came at night to the house that he had indicated. He waited (there) part of the night; (then) he was overcome by sleep. (When) his beloved came to fulfil his promise and found him asleep, he filled his lap with walnuts and left him sleeping and returned (home).
  • عاشقی بودست در ایام پیش  ** پاسبان عهد اندر عهد خویش 
  • In the days of old there was a lover, one who kept troth in his time.
  • سالها در بند وصل ماه خود  ** شاهمات و مات شاهنشاه خود 
  • For years (he had been) checkmated (irretrievably caught) in the toils of (seeking) his fair one's favour and mated by his king.
  • عاقبت جوینده یابنده بود  ** که فرج از صبر زاینده بود  595
  • In the end the seeker is a finder, for from patience joy is born.
  • گفت روزی یار او که امشب بیا  ** که بپختم از پی تو لوبیا 
  • One day his friend said, “Come to-night, for I have cooked haricot beans for thee.
  • در فلان حجره نشین تا نیم‌شب  ** تا بیایم نیم‌شب من بی طلب 
  • Sit in such and such a room till midnight, that at midnight I may come unsought.”
  • مرد قربان کرد و نانها بخش کرد  ** چون پدید آمد مهش از زیر گرد 
  • The man offered sacrifice and distributed loaves, since the moon (of good fortune) had appeared to him from beneath the dust (of ill-luck).
  • شب در آن حجره نشست آن گرمدار  ** بر امید وعده‌ی آن یار غار 
  • At night the passionate lover seated himself in the room in hope of the tryst promised by that loyal friend.
  • بعد نصف اللیل آمد یار او  ** صادق الوعدانه آن دلدار او  600
  • (Just) after midnight his friend, the charmer of his heart, arrived (punctually) like those who are true to their promise.