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  • در تجارت نیستش سرمایه‌ای  ** پس چه شخص زشت او چه سایه‌ای 
  • He has no capital for trading: what, then, is the difference between his ill-favoured person and a shadow?
  • مایه در بازار این دنیا زرست  ** مایه آنجا عشق و دو چشم ترست 
  • The capital (required) for the market of this world is gold; there (in the next world) the capital is love and two eyes wet (with tears).
  • هر که او بی‌مایه‌ی بازار رفت  ** عمر رفت و بازگشت او خام تفت  840
  • Whoever went to market without any capital, his life passed and he speedily returned in disappointment.
  • هی کجا بودی برادر هیچ جا  ** هی چه پختی بهر خوردن هیچ با 
  • “Oh, where hast thou been, brother?” “Nowhere.” “Oh, what hast thou cooked to eat?” “No (good) soup.”
  • مشتری شو تا بجنبد دست من  ** لعل زاید معدن آبست من 
  • Become a buyer, that my hand may move (to sell to thee), and that my pregnant mine may bring forth the ruby.
  • مشتری گرچه که سست و باردست  ** دعوت دین کن که دعوت واردست 
  • Though the buyer is slack and lukewarm, (yet) call (him) to the (true) religion, for the (command to) call hath come down (from God).
  • باز پران کن حمام روح گیر  ** در ره دعوت طریق نوح گیر 
  • Let the falcon fly and catch the spiritual dove: in calling (to God) take the way of Noah.
  • خدمتی می‌کن برای کردگار  ** با قبول و رد خلقانت چه کار  845
  • Perform an act of service for the Creator's sake: what hast thou to do with being accepted or rejected by the people?
  • داستان آن شخص کی بر در سرایی نیم‌شب سحوری می‌زد همسایه او را گفت کی آخر نیم‌شبست سحر نیست و دیگر آنک درین سرا کسی نیست بهر کی می‌زنی و جواب گفتن مطرب او را 
  • Story of the person who was giving the drum-call for the sahúr at the gate of a certain palace at midnight. A neighbour said to him, “Why, it is midnight, it is not (yet) dawn; and besides, there is no one in this palace: for whose sake are you drumming?”—and the minstrel's reply to him.
  • آن یکی می‌زد سحوری بر دری  ** درگهی بود و رواق مهتری 
  • A certain man was drumming at a certain gate to announce the sahúr: ’twas a court-house and the pavilion of a grandee.
  • نیم‌شب می‌زد سحوری را به جد  ** گفت او را قایلی کای مستمد 
  • (Whilst) he was beating his drum vigorously at midnight, some one said to him, “O thou who art seeking (the means of) support,