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  • گفت خرگوش الامان عذریم هست ** گر دهد عفو خداوندیت دست‌‌
  • “Mercy!” cried the hare, “I have an excuse, if thy Lordship's pardon come to my aid.”
  • گفت چه عذر ای قصور ابلهان ** این زمان آیند در پیش شهان‌‌
  • “What excuse?” said he. “Oh, the shortsightedness of fools! Is this the time for them to come into the presence of kings?
  • مرغ بی‌‌وقتی سرت باید برید ** عذر احمق را نمی شاید شنید
  • Thou art an untimely bird: thy head must be cut off. One ought not to hear the excuse of a fool.
  • عذر احمق بدتر از جرمش بود ** عذر نادان زهر هر دانش بود 1160
  • The fool's excuse is worse than his crime; the excuse of the ignorant is the poison of every knowledge.
  • عذرت ای خرگوش از دانش تهی ** من چه خرگوشم که در گوشم نهی‌‌
  • Thy excuse, O hare, is devoid of wisdom: what hare am I that thou shouldst put it in my ear?”
  • گفت ای شه ناکسی را کس شمار ** عذر استم دیده‌‌ای را گوش دار
  • “O king,” he replied, “account a worthless one to be worthy: hearken to the excuse of one who has suffered oppression.
  • خاص از بهر زکات جاه خود ** گمرهی را تو مران از راه خود
  • In particular, as an alms (thank-offering) for thy high estate, do not drive out of thy way one whose way is lost.
  • بحر کاو آبی به هر جو می‌‌دهد ** هر خسی را بر سر و رو می‌‌نهد
  • The ocean, which gives some water to every stream, lays on its head and face (surface) every piece of rubbish.
  • کم نخواهد گشت دریا زین کرم ** از کرم دریا نگردد بیش و کم‌‌ 1165
  • By this bounty the sea will not become less: the sea is neither increased nor diminished by its bounty.”
  • گفت دارم من کرم بر جای او ** جامه‌‌ی هر کس برم بالای او
  • The lion said, “I will bestow bounty in its (proper) place, I will cut every one's clothes according to his stature.”