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  • مدتی این مثنوی تاخیر شد ** مهلتی بایست تا خون شیر شد
  • This Mathnawí has been delayed for a while: an interval was needed in order that the blood might turn to milk.
  • تا نزاید بخت تو فرزند نو ** خون، نگردد شیر شیرین خوش شنو
  • Blood does not become sweet milk until thy fortune gives birth to a new babe. Hearken well (to my words).
  • چون ضیاء الحق حسام الدین عنان ** باز گردانید ز اوج آسمان‏
  • When the Light of God, Husámu’ddín, drew the reins (of his spirit) back from the zenith of Heaven—
  • چون به معراج حقایق رفته بود ** بی‏بهارش غنچه‏ها نشکفته بود
  • (For) after he had gone in the ascension to (spiritual) realities, without his (life-giving) springtide the buds (of mystic knowledge) were unburst (in my heart)—
  • چون ز دریا سوی ساحل باز گشت ** چنگ شعر مثنوی با ساز گشت‏ 5
  • When (I say) he returned from the Sea towards the shore, the lyre of the poesy of the Mathnawí became attuned (again).
  • مثنوی که صیقل ارواح بود ** باز گشتش روز استفتاح بود
  • The Mathnawí, which was the burnisher (purifier) of spirits —his return was the day of (my) seeking (an auspicious) commencement (for it).
  • مطلع تاریخ این سودا و سود ** سال اندر ششصد و شصت و دو بود
  • The date of beginning this gainful (spiritual) traffic was in the year six hundred and sixty-two.
  • بلبلی ز ینجا برفت و باز گشت ** بهر صید این معانی باز گشت‏
  • A nightingale went hence and returned: it became a falcon for hunting these spiritual truths.
  • ساعد شه مسکن این باز باد ** تا ابد بر خلق این در باز باد
  • May this falcon's resting-place be the fore-arm of the King! May this gate (to the Truth) be open to (all) the people unto everlasting!
  • آفت این در هوا و شهوت است ** ور نه اینجا شربت اندر شربت است‏ 10
  • The bane of this gate is sensuality and lust; else, draught on draught (of spiritual knowledge) is (to be found) here.