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  • این دهان بر بند تا بینی عیان ** چشم بند آن جهان حلق و دهان‏
  • Close this mouth that you may see plainly: gullet and mouth are the eye-bandage (which makes you blind) to yonder world.
  • ای دهان تو خود دهانه‌ای دوزخی ** وی جهان تو بر مثال برزخی
  • O mouth, verily thou art the mouth of Hell; and, O world, thou art like the intermediate state.
  • نور باقی پهلوی دنیای دون ** شیر صافی پهلوی جوهای خون‏
  • The everlasting light is beside this low world, the pure milk is beside rivers of blood.
  • چون در او گامی زنی بی‏احتیاط ** شیر تو خون می‏شود از اختلاط
  • When you take one step in it (the world) without precaution, your milk will be turned to blood through commixture.
  • یک قدم زد آدم اندر ذوق نفس ** شد فراق صدر جنت طوق نفس‏ 15
  • Adam took one step in sensual pleasure: separation from his high place in Paradise became a collar on the neck of his (fleshly) soul.
  • همچو دیو از وی فرشته می‏گریخت ** بهر نانی چند آب چشم ریخت‏
  • The angels were fleeing from him as from a devil: how many tears did he shed for the sake of a single loaf!
  • گر چه یک مو بد گنه کاو جسته بود ** لیک آن مو در دو دیده رسته بود
  • Although the sin which he had compassed was (but) a hair, yet that hair had grown in his eyes.
  • بود آدم دیده‏ی نور قدیم ** موی در دیده بود کوه عظیم‏
  • Adam was the eye of the Eternal Light: a hair in the eye is a great mountain.
  • گر در آن آدم بکردی مشورت ** در پشیمانی نگفتی معذرت‏
  • If Adam had taken counsel in that (matter), he would not have uttered excuses in penitence,
  • ز آن که با عقلی چو عقلی جفت شد ** مانع بد فعلی و بد گفت شد 20
  • Because when one intellect is joined with another intellect, it prevents evil action and evil speech;