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  • حمله بر خود می‌‌کنی ای ساده مرد ** همچو آن شیری که بر خود حمله کرد
  • You are assaulting yourself, O simpleton, like the lion who made a rush at himself.
  • چون به قعر خوی خود اندر رسی ** پس بدانی کز تو بود آن ناکسی‌‌
  • When you reach the bottom of your own nature, then you will know that that vileness was from yourself.
  • شیر را در قعر پیدا شد که بود ** نقش او آن کش دگر کس می‌‌نمود 1325
  • At the bottom (of the well) it became manifest to the lion that he who seemed to him to be another was (really) his own image.
  • هر که دندان ضعیفی می‌‌کند ** کار آن شیر غلط بین می‌‌کند
  • Whoever tears out the teeth of a poor wretch is doing what the falsely-seeing lion did.
  • ای بدیده عکس بد بر روی عم ** بد نه عم است آن تویی از خود مرم‌‌
  • O you who see the bad reflexion on the face of your uncle, it is not your uncle that is bad, it is you: do not run away from yourself!
  • مومنان آیینه‌‌ی همدیگرند ** این خبر می‌‌از پیمبر آورند
  • The Faithful are mirrors to one another: this saying is related from the Prophet.
  • پیش چشمت داشتی شیشه‌‌ی کبود ** ز آن سبب عالم کبودت می‌‌نمود
  • You held a blue glass before your eye: for that reason the world seemed to you to be blue.
  • گر نه کوری این کبودی دان ز خویش ** خویش را بد گو، مگو کس را تو بیش‌‌ 1330
  • Unless you are blind, know that this blueness comes from yourself: speak ill of yourself, speak no more ill of any one (else).
  • مومن ار ینظر بنور الله نبود ** غیب مومن را برهنه چون نمود
  • If the true believer was not seeing by the Light of God, how did things unseen appear naked (plainly revealed) to the true believer?
  • چون که تو ینظر بنار الله بدی ** در بدی از نیکویی غافل شدی‌‌
  • Inasmuch as you were seeing by the Fire of God, in (your) badness you became forgetful of goodness.