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  • نیست سوزن را سر رشته دو تا ** چون که یکتایی درین سوزن در آ
  • The double end of thread is not for the needle: inasmuch as thou art single, come into this needle.”
  • رشته را با سوزن آمد ارتباط ** نیست در خور با جمل سم الخیاط 3065
  • ’Tis the thread that is connected with the needle: the eye of the needle is not suitable for the camel.
  • کی شود باریک هستی جمل ** جز به مقراض ریاضات و عمل‌‌
  • How should the existence (body) of the camel be fined down save by the shears of ascetic exercises and works?
  • دست حق باید مر آن را ای فلان ** کاو بود بر هر محالی کن فکان‌‌
  • For that, O reader, the hand (power) of God is necessary, for it is the Be, and it was (bringer into existence) of every (seemingly) impossible thing.
  • هر محال از دست او ممکن شود ** هر حرون از بیم او ساکن شود
  • By His hand every impossible thing is made possible; by fear of Him every unruly one is made quiet.
  • اکمه و ابرص چه باشد مرده نیز ** زنده گردد از فسون آن عزیز
  • What of the man blind from birth and the leper? Even the dead is made living by the spell of the Almighty,
  • و آن عدم کز مرده مرده‌‌تر بود ** در کف ایجاد او مضطر بود 3070
  • And that non-existence which is more dead than the dead— compelled (helpless) in the hand of (under the power of) His bringing (it) into existence.
  • کل يوم هو فی شأن بخوان ** مر و را بی‌‌کار و بی‌‌فعلی مدان‌‌
  • Recite (the text), Every day He is (engaged) in some affair: do not deem Him idle and inactive.
  • کمترین کاریش هر روز است آن ** کاو سه لشکر را کند این سو روان‌‌
  • His least act, every day, is that He despatches three armies:
  • لشکری ز اصلاب سوی امهات ** بهر آن تا در رحم روید نبات‌‌
  • One army from the loins (of the fathers) towards the mothers, in order that the plant may grow in the womb;