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  • دست ما چون پای ما را می‌‌خورد ** بی‌‌امان تو کسی جان چون برد
  • Inasmuch as (the evil wrought by) our hand devours (the good towards which we move) our foot, how shall any one save his soul without Thy security?
  • ور برد جان زین خطرهای عظیم ** برده باشد مایه‌‌ی ادبار و بیم‌‌ 3905
  • And (even) if (unaided) he save his soul from these awful dangers, he will (only) have saved a stock of misfortune and fear,
  • ز آن که جان چون واصل جانان نبود ** تا ابد با خویش کور است و کبود
  • Because the soul, when it is not united with the Beloved, is blind and blue (miserable) with itself for ever.
  • چون تو ندهی راه جان خود برده گیر ** جان که بی‌‌تو زنده باشد مرده گیر
  • When Thou wilt not give him admission (to Thy presence) —even suppose he has saved his soul, regard as dead the soul that would live without Thee.
  • گر تو طعنه می‌‌زنی بر بندگان ** مر ترا آن می‌‌رسد ای کامران‌‌
  • If Thou art upbraiding Thy slaves, that is suitable to Thee, O Thou whose every wish is fulfilled.
  • ور تو ماه و مهر را گویی جفا ** ور تو قد سرو را گویی دوتا
  • And if Thou utter abuse of the moon and sun, and if Thou say that the (straight) stature of the cypress is (bent) double,
  • ور تو چرخ و عرش را خوانی حقیر ** ور تو کان و بحر را گویی فقیر 3910
  • And if Thou call the sky and the empyrean contemptible, and if Thou say that the mine and the sea are poor—
  • آن به نسبت با کمال تو رواست ** ملک اکمال فناها مر تراست‌‌
  • That is proper in reference to Thy perfection: Thine is the power of perfecting (all) mortalities,
  • که تو پاکی از خطر و ز نیستی ** نیستان را موجد و معنیستی‌‌
  • For Thou art holy (and free) from danger and from non-existence: Thou art He that brings the non-existent ones into being and endows (them with existence).
  • آن که رویانید داند سوختن ** ز آن که چون بدرید داند دوختن‌‌
  • He that made to grow can burn (destroy), because when He has torn, He can sew (mend).