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  • اینک این طومار و احکام مسیح ** یک به یک بر خوان تو بر امت فصیح‌‌
  • Here is this scroll and the ordinances of the Messiah: recite them distinctly, one by one, to his people.”
  • هر امیری را چنین گفت او جدا ** نیست نایب جز تو در دین خدا
  • Thus he spoke to each amír separately, (saying), “There is no vicar in the religion of God except thee.”
  • هر یکی را کرد او یک یک عزیز ** هر چه آن را گفت این را گفت نیز
  • He honoured each, one by one, (in this way): whatever he said to that (amír) he also said to this.
  • هر یکی را او یکی طومار داد ** هر یکی ضد دگر بود المراد
  • To each he gave one scroll: every one was purposely the contrary of the other.
  • جملگی طومارها بد مختلف ** چون حروف آن جمله از یا تا الف‌‌ 660
  • The text of those scrolls was diverse; all were (different), like the letters from alif to yá.
  • حکم این طومار ضد حکم آن ** پیش از این کردیم این ضد را بیان‌‌
  • The rule (laid down) in this scroll was contrary to the rule in that: we have already explained (the nature of) this contradiction.
  • کشتن وزیر خویشتن را در خلوت
  • How the vizier killed himself in seclusion.
  • بعد از آن چل روز دیگر در ببست ** خویش کشت و از وجود خود برست‌‌
  • After that, he shut the door for other forty days (and then) killed himself and escaped from his existence.
  • چون که خلق از مرگ او آگاه شد ** بر سر گورش قیامت‌‌گاه شد
  • When the people learned of his death, there came to pass at his grave the scene of the Resurrection.
  • خلق چندان جمع شد بر گور او ** موکنان جامه دران در شور او
  • So great a multitude gathered at his grave, tearing their hair, rending their garments in wild grief for him,
  • کان عدد را هم خدا داند شمرد ** از عرب وز ترک و از رومی و کرد 665
  • That only God can reckon the number of them—Arabs and Turks and Greeks and Kurds.