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  • لحن داودی چنان محبوب بود ** لیک بر محروم بانگ چوب بود
  • The melodies of David were so dear (to the faithful), but to the interdicted (unbeliever) they were (no more than) the noise of wood.
  • آب نیل از آب حیوان بد فزون ** لیک بر محروم و منکر بود خون‏ 1075
  • The water of the Nile was superior to the Water of Life, but to the interdicted and unbelieving it was blood.
  • هست بر مومن شهیدی زندگی ** بر منافق مردن است و ژندگی‏
  • To the true believer martyrdom is life; to the hypocrite it is death and corruption.
  • چیست در عالم بگو یک نعمتی ** که نه محرومند از وی امتی‏
  • Tell (me), what single blessing is there in the world, from which some group of people is not excluded?
  • گاو و خر را فایده چه در شکر ** هست هر جان را یکی قوتی دگر
  • What profit have the ox and the ass in sugar? Every soul has a different food;
  • لیک گر آن قوت بر وی عارضی است ** پس نصیحت کردن او را رایضی است‏
  • But if that food is accidental to it (and not according to its real nature), then admonition is the (proper) correction for it.
  • چون کسی کاو از مرض گل داشت دوست ** گر چه پندارد که آن خود قوت اوست‏ 1080
  • As (in the case of) one who from disease has become fond of (eating) clay— though he may suppose that that (clay) is indeed his (natural) food,
  • قوت اصلی را فرامش کرده است ** روی در قوت مرض آورده است‏
  • He has (in reality) forgotten his original food and has betaken himself to the food of disease.
  • نوش را بگذاشته سم خورده است ** قوت علت همچو چوبش کرده است‏
  • Having given up honey, he has eaten poison; he has made the food of disease (to be his nourishment) as (though it were) fat.
  • قوت اصلی بشر نور خداست ** قوت حیوانی مر او را ناسزاست‏
  • Man's original food is the Light of God: animal food is improper for him;