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  • آن که واقف گشت بر اسرار هو ** سر مخلوقات چه بود پیش او
  • He who has become acquainted with the secrets of Hú (God), what to him is the secret (inmost consciousness) of created beings?
  • آن که بر افلاک رفتارش بود ** بر زمین رفتن چه دشوارش بود
  • He whose walk is on the spheres, how should it be hard for him to walk on the earth?
  • در کف داود کاهن گشت موم ** موم چه بود در کف او ای ظلوم‏
  • Since iron became wax in the hand of David, what should wax be in his hand, O man of iniquity?
  • بود لقمان بنده شکلی خواجه‏ای ** بندگی بر ظاهرش دیباجه‏ای‏
  • Luqmán was a slave in appearance, a master (in reality): servitude was (only) a frontispiece on his outside.
  • چون رود خواجه به جای ناشناس ** در غلام خویش پوشاند لباس‏ 1485
  • When the master goes to a place where he is not known, he puts (his own) clothes on his slave.
  • او بپوشد جامه‏های آن غلام ** مر غلام خویش را سازد امام‏
  • He (himself) puts on the slave's clothes and makes his slave the leader.
  • در پیش چون بندگان در ره شود ** تا نباید زو کسی آگه شود
  • He goes behind him on the road, as slaves do, lest any one should recognise him (as the master).
  • گوید ای بنده تو رو بر صدر شین ** من بگیرم کفش چون بنده‏ی کهین‏
  • “O slave,” says he, “go you and sit in the place of honour: I will take (your) shoes, like the meanest slave.
  • تو درشتی کن مرا دشنام ده ** مر مرا تو هیچ توقیری منه‏
  • Treat (me) roughly and revile me; do not bestow any respect on me.
  • ترک خدمت خدمت تو داشتم ** تا به غربت تخم حیلت کاشتم‏ 1490
  • I hold neglect of service to be your (proper) service, since I have sown the seed of contrivance by dwelling in a foreign land.”