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  • یک نشانی که بخندد پیش تو ** یک نشان که دست بندد پیش تو
  • One sign is that he will smile before you; one sign is that he will fold his hands in your presence;
  • یک نشانی آن که این خواب از هوس ** چون شود فردا نگویی پیش کس‏
  • One sign is that when the morrow comes you will not tell this dream to any one, though you would fain do so.
  • ز ان نشان با والد یحیی بگفت ** که نیایی تا سه روز اصلا به گفت‏ 1675
  • Concerning that (last-mentioned) sign, He (God) said to Zakariyyá (Zacharias), “Thou shalt not begin to speak at all till three days (have passed).
  • تا سه شب خامش کن از نیک و بدت ** این نشان باشد که یحیی آیدت‏
  • For three nights keep silence as to thy good and ill: this will be the sign that Yahyá will come (be born) to thee.
  • دم مزن سه روز اندر گفت‏وگو ** کاین سکوت است آیت مقصود تو
  • During three days do not breathe a word, for this silence is the sign of (the fulfilment) of thy purpose.
  • هین میاور این نشان را تو به گفت ** وین سخن را دار اندر دل نهفت‏
  • Beware! do not thou speak of this sign, and keep this matter hidden in thy heart.”
  • این نشانها گویدش همچون شکر ** این چه باشد صد نشانی دگر
  • He (the person dreamed of) will sweetly tell these signs to him (the dreamer). What are these signs (alone)? (He will tell him) a hundred signs besides.
  • این نشان آن بود کان ملک و جاه ** که همی‏جویی بیابی از اله‏ 1680
  • This (which follows) is the sign that you will gain from God the (spiritual) kingdom and power that you are seeking—
  • آن که می‏گریی به شبهای دراز ** و انکه می‏سوزی سحرگه در نیاز
  • That you weep continually in the long nights, and that you are always ardent in supplication at the hour of dawn;
  • آن که بی‏آن روز تو تاریک شد ** همچو دوکی گردنت باریک شد
  • That, in the absence of that (which you seek), your day has become dark; (that) your neck has become thin as a spindle;