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  • نیست از ابلیس از تست ای غوی ** که چو روبه سوی دنبه می‏دوی‏
  • It is not (the fault) of Iblís, it is (the fault) of yourself, O misguided one, that you are going like a fox towards the sheep's fat tail.
  • چون که در سبزه ببینی دنبه را ** دام باشد این ندانی تو چرا
  • When you see the fat tails in the green field, ’tis a snare. Why are you ignorant of this?
  • ز آن ندانی کت ز دانش دور کرد ** میل دنبه چشم و عقلت کور کرد
  • You are ignorant because desire for the fat tail has made you far from knowledge and has blinded your (spiritual) eye and intelligence.
  • حبک الأشیاء یعمیک یصم ** نفسک السودا جنت لا تختصم‏
  • Your love of (sensual) things makes you blind and deaf; your black fleshly soul is the culprit: do not quarrel (with others).
  • تو گنه بر من منه کژ مژ مبین ** من ز بد بیزارم و از حرص و کین‏ 2725
  • Do not put the guilt on me, do not see upside down. I am averse to evil and greed and enmity.
  • من بدی کردم پشیمانم هنوز ** انتظارم تا شبم آید به روز
  • I did an evil deed and am still repenting: I am waiting that my night may turn to day.
  • متهم گشتم میان خلق من ** فعل خود بر من نهد هر مرد و زن‏
  • I have become suspect amongst mankind: every man and woman lay their (evil) actions on me (at my door).
  • گرگ بی‏چاره اگر چه گرسنه است ** متهم باشد که او در طنطنه است‏
  • The helpless wolf, though he is hungry, is suspected of being in luxury.
  • از ضعیفی چون نتاند راه رفت ** خلق گوید تخمه است از لوت زفت‏
  • When, because of feebleness, he cannot go his way, people say it is indigestion (arising) from gross (rich and heavy) food.”
  • باز الحاح کردن معاویه ابلیس را
  • How Mu‘áwiya once more pressed Iblís hard.
  • گفت غیر راستی نرهاندت ** داد سوی راستی می‏خواندت‏ 2730
  • He said, “Nothing but the truth will save you: justice is calling you to (speak) the truth.