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  • همچو آن اصحاب فیل اندر حبش ** کعبه‏ای کردند حق آتش زدش‏
  • Even as the Lords of the Elephant (who abode) in Abyssinia made a Ka‘ba, (but) God set it afire;
  • قصد کعبه ساختند از انتقام ** حالشان چون شد فرو خوان از کلام‏
  • (And then) they (the Abyssinians) made an attempt on the Ka‘ba in revenge: read from the Word (of God) how they fared!
  • مر سیه رویان دین را خود جهیز ** نیست الا حیلت و مکر و ستیز 2905
  • The reprobates of the Religion have indeed no equipment but cunning and deceit and contentiousness.
  • هر صحابی دید ز آن مسجد عیان ** واقعه تا شد یقینشان سر آن‏
  • Every Companion saw plainly (in sleep) some vision of that Mosque, so that the secret (purpose) of it became to them certain knowledge.
  • واقعات ار باز گویم یک به یک ** پس یقین گردد صفا بر اهل شک‏
  • If I should relate the visions, one by one, then the purity (of the Companions) would become certain to them that doubt;
  • لیک می‏ترسم ز کشف رازشان ** نازنینانند و زیبد نازشان‏
  • But I am afraid of revealing their mystery: they are the disdainful loved ones (of God), and disdain beseems them.
  • شرع بی‏تقلید می‏پذرفته‏اند ** بی‏محک آن نقد را بگرفته‏اند
  • They have received the (religious) Law (directly from God) without mechanical imitation (of others): they have taken that (unadulterated) coin without (applying) the touchstone.
  • حکمت قرآن چو ضاله‏ی مومن است ** هر کسی در ضاله‏ی خود موقن است‏ 2910
  • The Wisdom of the Qur’án is like the true believer's stray camel: every one has certain (intuitive) knowledge of his own stray.
  • قصه‏ی آن شخص که اشتر ضاله‏ی خود می‏جست و می‏پرسید
  • Story of the person who was seeking after his stray camel and inquiring about it.
  • اشتری گم کردی و جستیش چست ** چون بیابی چون ندانی کان تست‏
  • (If) you have lost a camel and sought it busily, how should you not know,when you find it, that it is yours?
  • ضاله چه بود ناقه‏ای گم کرده‏ای ** از کفت بگریخته در پرده‏ای‏
  • What is the stray? You have lost a she-camel: (she has) fled from your herd into a veil (of concealment).