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  • کیست کافر غافل از ایمان شیخ ** چیست مرده بی‏خبر از جان شیخ‏ 3325
  • Who is the infidel? One forgetful of the faith of the Shaykh. Who is the dead? One ignorant of the (spiritual) life of the Shaykh.
  • جان نباشد جز خبر در آزمون ** هر که را افزون خبر جانش فزون‏
  • (Spiritual) life is naught but knowledge in (the time of) trial: the more knowledge one has, the more (spiritual) life one has.
  • جان ما از جان حیوان بیشتر ** از چه ز آن رو که فزون دارد خبر
  • Our spirit is more than the spirit of animals. Wherefore? In respect that it has more knowledge.
  • پس فزون از جان ما جان ملک ** کاو منزه شد ز حس مشترک‏
  • Hence the spirit of the angels is more than our spirit, for it is exempt from (transcends) the common sense;
  • و ز ملک جان خداوندان دل ** باشد افزون تو تحیر را بهل‏
  • And the spirit of mystical adepts is more than (that of) the angels. Cease from bewilderment (on this subject)!
  • ز آن سبب آدم بود مسجودشان ** جان او افزون‏تر است از بودشان‏ 3330
  • For that reason Adam is their object of worship: his spirit (spiritual life) is greater than their being.
  • ور نه بهتر را سجود دون‏تری ** امر کردن هیچ نبود در خوری‏
  • Else, (why were they commanded to worship him?): it would not be at all a suitable thing to command the superior to worship an inferior.
  • کی پسندد عدل و لطف کردگار ** که گلی سجده کند در پیش خار
  • How can the justice and kindness of the Maker approve that a rose should fall down in worship before a thorn?
  • جان چو افزون شد گذشت از انتها ** شد مطیعش جان جمله‏ی چیزها
  • Since the spirit (of the perfect saint) has become superior and has passed beyond the utmost limit (reached by men and angels), the soul of all things has become obedient to it—
  • مرغ و ماهی و پری و آدمی ** ز انکه او بیش است و ایشان در کمی‏
  • Birds and fishes and Jinn and men—because it exceeds (them), and they are deficient (in comparison with it).