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  • بد چه باشد سرکشی آتش عمل ** شیخ که بود عین دریای ازل‏ 3345
  • What is evil? A rebel that works like fire. Who is the Shaykh? The very Seal of Eternity.
  • دایم آتش را بترسانند از آب ** آب کی ترسید هرگز ز التهاب‏
  • Fire is always terrified by water. When was water ever afraid of being set aflame?
  • در رخ مه عیب بینی می‏کنی ** در بهشتی خارچینی می‏کنی‏
  • You are observing defects on the face of the moon: you are picking thorns in a Paradise.
  • گر بهشت اندر روی تو خار جو ** هیچ خار آن جا نیابی غیر تو
  • Picker of thorns, if you go into Paradise, you will find there no thorn but yourself.
  • می‏بپوشی آفتابی در گلی ** رخنه می‏جویی ز بدر کاملی‏
  • You are covering a sun with a sod: you are seeking flaws in a perfect full-moon.
  • آفتابی که بتابد در جهان ** بهر خفاشی کجا گردد نهان‏ 3350
  • A sun which shines throughout the world––how shall it be hidden for the sake of a bat?
  • عیبها از رد پیران عیب شد ** غیبها از رشک ایشان غیب شد
  • Sins are made sinful by the disapproval of Pírs; mysteries are made mysterious by their jealousy.
  • باری از دوری ز خدمت یار باش ** در ندامت چابک و بر کار باش‏
  • If you are far (aloof in spirit from the saints), at any rate be joined (with them) through (paying) respect (to them): be alert and active in (showing) penitence,
  • تا از آن راهت نسیمی می‏رسد ** آب رحمت را چه بندی از حسد
  • (In the hope) that a breeze may be coming to you from that way (quarter). Why do you shut off the water of mercy by (your) enviousness?
  • گر چه دوری دور می‏جنبان تو دم ** حیث ما کنتم فولوا وجهکم‏
  • Though you are far aloof, at (that) distance wag your tail (ingratiate yourself with them): wherever ye be, turn your faces (thither).