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  • کیست دل دار اهل دل نیکو بدان ** که چو روز و شب جهانند از جهان‏
  • Who is it that holds the heart in fee? Know well, it is the lords of the heart who, like day and night, are recoiling from the world.
  • عیب کم گو بنده‏ی الله را ** متهم کم کن به دزدی شاه را
  • Do not find fault with the Servant of God: do not suspect the King of being a thief.
  • کرامات آن درویش که در کشتی متهمش کردند
  • The miracles of the dervish who was suspected of theft in a ship.
  • بود درویشی درون کشتیی ** ساخته از رخت مردی پشتیی‏
  • A dervish was in a ship: he had made a bolster (for himself) from the goods of saintly fortitude.
  • یاوه شد همیان زر او خفته بود ** جمله را جستند و او را هم نمود
  • A purse of gold was lost. He was asleep (at the time). They searched all (in the ship) and brought him also to view
  • کاین فقیر خفته را جوییم هم ** کرد بیدارش ز غم صاحب درم‏ 3480
  • Saying, “Let us search this sleeping mendicant as well.” (So) the owner of the money, (excited) by grief, awakened him.
  • که در این کشتی حرمدان گمشدست ** جمله را جستیم نتوانی تو رست‏
  • “A bag of valuables,” said he, “has been lost in this ship. We have searched the whole company: you cannot escape (suspicion).
  • دلق بیرون کن برهنه شو ز دلق ** تا ز تو فارغ شود اوهام خلق‏
  • Put off your dervish-cloak, strip yourself of it, in order that the people's suspicions may be cleared away from you.”
  • گفت یا رب مر غلامت را خسان ** متهم کردند فرمان در رسان‏
  • He cried, “O Lord, these vile wretches have made an accusation against Thy slave: bring Thy command to pass!”
  • چون به درد آمد دل درویش از آن ** سر برون کردند هر سو در زمان‏
  • When the heart of the dervish was pained by that (suspicion), at once there put forth their heads on every side
  • صد هزاران ماهی از دریای ژرف ** در دهان هر یکی دری شگرف‏ 3485
  • From the deep sea myriads of fishes, and in the mouth of each (was) a superb pearl: