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  • ماجرای بلبل و گل گوش دار ** گر چه گفتی نیست آن جا آشکار
  • Listen to what passes between the rose and the nightingale, though in that case there is no overt speech.
  • سخن گفتن به زبان حال و فهم کردن آن
  • On mute eloquence and the understanding of it.
  • ماجرای شمع با پروانه نیز ** بشنو و معنی گزین کن ای عزیز 3625
  • Listen to what passes between the moth and the candle, and pick out the meaning from the tale.
  • گر چه گفتی نیست سر گفت هست ** هین ببالا پر مپر چون جغد پست‏
  • Albeit there is no speech, there is the inmost soul of speech. Come, fly aloft, do not fly low, like the owl.
  • گفت در شطرنج کاین خانه‏ی رخ است ** گفت خانه از کجاش آمد بدست‏
  • He (the player) at chess said, “This is the house of the rook.” “By what way,” said he (the literalist), “did the house come into its hands?
  • خانه را بخرید یا میراث یافت ** فرخ آن کس کاو سوی معنی شتافت‏
  • Did it buy the house, or inherit it?”—Happy is he that sped towards the (real) meaning!
  • گفت نحوی زید عمرا قد ضرب ** گفت چونش کرد بی‏جرمی ادب‏
  • A grammarian said, “Zayd has struck ‘Amr.” Said (the fool), “How did he chastise him without any offence (on his part)?
  • عمرو را جرمش چه بد کان زید خام ** بی‏گنه او را بزد همچون غلام‏ 3630
  • What was ‘Amr's offence, that that rude Zayd struck him, innocent (though he was), as (if he were) a slave?”
  • گفت این پیمانه‏ی معنی بود ** گندمی بستان که پیمانه است رد
  • He (the grammarian) replied, “This (form of words) is (only) the measure (container) of the meaning signified: take some wheat, for the measure is (to be) rejected.
  • زید و عمرو از بهر اعراب است و ساز ** گر دروغ است آن تو با اعراب ساز
  • Zayd and ‘Amr are for the purpose of (showing) the declension and (grammatical) construction: if that (statement that Zayd struck ‘Amr) is untrue, make up with the declension.”
  • گفت نه من آن ندانم عمرو را ** زید چون زد بی‏گناه و بی‏خطا
  • “Nay,” said he, “I don't know about that. How did Zayd strike ‘Amr without (his committing any) crime or fault?”