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  • در تنازع آن نفر جنگی شدند ** که ز سر نامها غافل بدند 3685
  • These people began fighting in contention with one another, because they were unaware of the hidden meaning of the names.
  • مشت بر هم می‏زدند از ابلهی ** پر بدند از جهل و از دانش تهی‏
  • In their folly they smote each other with their fists: they were full of ignorance and empty of knowledge.
  • صاحب سری عزیزی صد زبان ** گر بدی آن جا بدادی صلح‏شان‏
  • If a master of the esoteric had been there, a revered and many-languaged man, he would have pacified them;
  • پس بگفتی او که من زین یک درم ** آرزوی جمله‏تان را می‏خرم‏
  • And then he would have said, “With this one dirhem I will give all of you what ye wish.
  • چون که بسپارید دل را بی‏دغل ** این درمتان می‏کند چندین عمل‏
  • When without deceit ye surrender your hearts (to me), this dirhem will do all this for you.
  • یک درمتان می‏شود چار المراد ** چار دشمن می‏شود یک ز اتحاد 3690
  • Your one dirhem will become four—the result desired: four enemies will become one through unanimity.
  • گفت هر یک تان دهد جنگ و فراق ** گفت من آرد شما را اتفاق‏
  • What each one of you says produces strife and separation; what I say brings you agreement.
  • پس شما خاموش باشید أنصتوا ** تا زبان تان من شوم در گفت‏وگو
  • Therefore be ye mute, keep silence, that I may be your tongue in speech and talk.”
  • گر سخنتان می‏نماید یک نمط ** در اثر مایه‏ی نزاع است و سخط
  • (Even) if your words appear uniform (seem to express an agreement), in effect they are the source of contention and anger.
  • گرمی عاریتی ندهد اثر ** گرمی خاصیتی دارد هنر
  • Borrowed (accidental) heat produces no (essential) effect; natural heat hath (its own) effect.