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  • و انکه لنگ و لوک آن سو می‏جهی ** از همه لنگی و لوکی می‏رهی‏ 3765
  • And (even by) thy hopping lamely and limply in that direction, thou wilt be freed from all lameness and limpness.
  • قصه‏ی بط بچگان که مرغ خانگی پروردشان‏
  • The story of the ducklings which were fostered by a domestic fowl.
  • تخم بطی گر چه مرغ خانه‏ات ** کرد زیر پر چو دایه تربیت‏
  • Thou art the offspring of a duck, though a domestic fowl has fostered thee as a nurse beneath her wing.
  • مادر تو بط آن دریا بده‏ست ** دایه‏ات خاکی بد و خشکی پرست‏
  • Thy mother was the duck of that Sea; thy nurse was of the earth and devoted to the dry land.
  • میل دریا که دل تو اندر است ** آن طبیعت جانت را از مادر است‏
  • The desire which is in thy heart for the Sea—thy soul hath that nature (instinct) from thy mother.
  • میل خشکی مر ترا زین دایه است ** دایه را بگذار کاو بد رایه است‏
  • The desire thou hast for the dry land is from this nurse. Leave the nurse, for she is an evil counsellor.
  • دایه را بگذار در خشک و بران ** اندر آن در بحر معنی چون بطان‏ 3770
  • Leave the nurse on the dry land, and press on: come into the Sea of spiritual reality, like the ducks.
  • گر ترا مادر بترساند ز آب ** تو مترس و سوی دریا ران شتاب‏
  • (Even) if thy mother should bid thee be afraid of the water, fear not thou, but push speedily into the Sea.
  • تو بطی بر خشک و بر تر زنده‏ای ** نی چو مرغ خانه خانه کنده‏ای‏
  • Thou art a duck: thou art one that lives (both) on dry and wet; thou art not one like the domestic fowl, whose house is ill-smelling.
  • تو ز کرمنا بنی آدم شهی ** هم به خشکی هم به دریا پا نهی‏
  • Thou art a king in virtue of (the text), We have ennobled the sons of Adam: thou settest foot both on the dry land and on the Sea.
  • که حملناهم علی البحری به جان ** از حملناهم علی البر پیش ران‏
  • For in spirit thou art (what is signified by the text), We have conveyed them on the Sea: push forward (then) from (the state implied in the words), We have conveyed them on the land.