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  • بود شخصی مفلسی بی‏خان و مان ** مانده در زندان وبند بی‏امان‏ 585
  • There was an insolvent person without house or home, who remained in prison and pitiless bondage.
  • لقمه‏ی زندانیان خوردی گزاف ** بر دل خلق از طمع چون کوه قاف‏
  • He would unconscionably eat the rations of the prisoners; on account of (his) appetite he was (a burden) like Mount Qáf on the hearts of the people (in the gaol).
  • زهره نه کس را که لقمه‏ی نان خورد ** ز انکه آن لقمه‏ربا کاوش برد
  • No one had the pluck to eat a mouthful of bread, because that snatcher of portions would carry off his entire meal.
  • هر که دور از دعوت رحمان بود ** او گدا چشم است اگر سلطان بود
  • Any one who is far from the feast of the Merciful (God) has the eye of a (low) beggar, though he be a sultan.
  • مر مروت را نهاده زیر پا ** گشته زندان دوزخی ز آن نان ربا
  • He (the insolvent) had trodden virtue underfoot; the prison had become a hell on account of that robber of bread.
  • گر گریزی بر امید راحتی ** ز آن طرف هم پیشت آید آفتی‏ 590
  • If you flee in hope of some relief, on that side also a calamity comes to meet you.
  • هیچ کنجی بی‏دد و بی‏دام نیست ** جز به خلوت‏گاه حق آرام نیست‏
  • No corner is without wild beasts; there is no rest but in the place where you are alone with God.
  • کنج زندان جهان ناگزیر ** نیست بی‏پا مزد و بی‏دق الحصیر
  • The corner (narrow cell) of this world's inevitable prison is not exempt from the charges for visitors and (the cost of) housewarming.
  • و الله ار سوراخ موشی در روی ** مبتلای گربه چنگالی شوی‏
  • By God, if you go into a mouse-hole, you will be afflicted by some one who has the claws of a cat.
  • آدمی را فربهی هست از خیال ** گر خیالاتش بود صاحب جمال‏
  • Man has fatness from (thrives on) fancy, if his fancies are beautiful;