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  • گفت آن کس را بکش ای محتشم ** گفت پس هر روز مردی را کشم‏ 780
  • The other said, “O honoured sir, kill that one (who was her partner in guilt).” “Then,” he replied, “I should kill a man every day.
  • کشتم او را رستم از خونهای خلق ** نای او برم به است از نای خلق‏
  • I killed her, I was saved from shedding the blood of a multitude: ’tis better that I cut her throat than the throats of (so many) people.”
  • نفس تست آن مادر بد خاصیت ** که فساد اوست در هر ناحیت‏
  • That mother of bad character, whose wickedness is in every quarter, is your fleshly soul.
  • هین بکش او را که بهر آن دنی ** هر دمی قصد عزیزی می‏کنی‏
  • Come, kill it, for on account of that vile (creature) you are every moment assailing one who is venerable.
  • از وی این دنیای خوش بر تست تنگ ** از پی او با حق و با خلق جنگ‏
  • Through it this fair world is narrow (distressful) to you, for its sake (you are at) war with God and man.
  • نفس کشتی باز رستی ز اعتذار ** کس ترا دشمن نماند در دیار 785
  • (If) you have killed the fleshly soul, you are delivered from (the necessity of) excusing yourself: nobody in the world remains your enemy.
  • گر شکال آرد کسی بر گفت ما ** از برای انبیا و اولیا
  • If any one should raise a difficulty about my words in regard to the prophets and saints,
  • کانبیا را نه که نفس کشته بود ** پس چراشان دشمنان بود و حسود
  • (And should say), “Had not the prophets a killed (mortified) fleshly soul? Why, then, had they enemies and enviers?”—
  • گوش کن تو ای طلب‏کار صواب ** بشنو این اشکال و شبهت را جواب‏
  • Give ear, O seeker of truth, and hear the answer to this difficulty and doubt.
  • دشمن خود بوده‏اند آن منکران ** زخم بر خود می‏زدند ایشان چنان‏
  • Those unbelievers were (really) enemies to themselves: they were striking at themselves such blows (as they struck).