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  • می‌شمارد می‌دهد زر بی وقوف ** تا که خالی گردد و آید خسوف 125
  • He (Time) counts and gives the gold without stopping, until it (the purse) is emptied and there comes the eclipse (death).
  • گر ز که بستانی و ننهی بجای ** اندر آید کوه زان دادن ز پای
  • If you take away from a mountain and do not put (anything) in the place (of what you have taken), the mountain will be demolished by that giving.
  • پس بنه بر جای هر دم را عوض ** تا ز واسجد واقترب یابی غرض
  • Therefore, for every breath (that you give out), put an equivalent in its place, so that by (acting in accordance with the text) and fall to worship and draw nigh you may gain your object.
  • در تمامی کارها چندین مکوش ** جز به کاری که بود در دین مکوش
  • Do not strive so much to complete (your worldly) affairs: do not strive in any affair that is not religious.
  • عاقبت تو رفت خواهی ناتمام ** کارهاات ابتر و نان تو خام
  • (Otherwise) at the end you will depart incomplete, your (spiritual) affairs marred and your bread unbaked.
  • وان عمارت کردن گور و لحد ** نه به سنگست و به چوب و نه لبد 130
  • And the beautifying of your grave and sepulchre is not (done) by means of stone and wood and plaster;
  • بلک خود را در صفا گوری کنی ** در منی او کنی دفن منی
  • Nay, but by digging for yourself a grave in (spiritual) purity and burying (your) egoism in His egoism,
  • خاک او گردی و مدفون غمش ** تا دمت یابد مددها از دمش
  • And by becoming His dust and buried in love of Him, so that your breath may gain replenishments from His breath.
  • گورخانه و قبه‌ها و کنگره ** نبود از اصحاب معنی آن سره
  • A tomb with domes and turrets—that is not good (approved) on the part of the followers of Reality.
  • بنگر اکنون زنده اطلس‌پوش را ** هیچ اطلس دست گیرد هوش را
  • Look now at a living person attired in satin: does the satin help his understanding at all?