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  • بندگان حق رحیم و بردبار ** خوی حق دارند در اصلاح کار
  • The (chosen) servants of God are merciful and long-suffering: they possess the disposition of God in regard to putting things right.
  • مهربان بی‌رشوتان یاری‌گران ** در مقام سخت و در روز گران
  • They are kind and bribeless ones, helpers in the hard plight and the heavy (grievous) day.
  • هین بجو این قوم را ای مبتلا ** هین غنیمت دارشان پیش از بلا
  • Hark, seek this (saintly) company, O afflicted one! Hark, hold them (as) a prize before the (coming of) affliction.
  • رست کشتی از دم آن پهلوان ** واهل کشتی را بجهد خود گمان 2225
  • Through the breath (prayer) of that (spiritual) hero the ship was saved, while the people in the ship thought (they were saved) by their own efforts,
  • که مگر بازوی ایشان در حذر ** بر هدف انداخت تیری از هنر
  • (Supposing) that maybe in (the hour of) dread their arm had skilfully shot an arrow at the target.
  • پا رهاند روبهان را در شکار ** و آن زدم دانند روباهان غرار
  • Foxes, in the chase, are saved by their legs, but the foxes inconsiderately deem that (safety to proceed) from their tails.
  • عشقها با دم خود بازند کین ** می‌رهاند جان ما را در کمین
  • (Hence) they play fondly with their tails, thinking, “These save our lives in the ambuscade (of calamity).”
  • روبها پا را نگه دار از کلوخ ** پا چو نبود دم چه سود ای چشم‌شوخ
  • O fox, preserve your legs from (being broken by) brickbats; when you have no legs, what use is your tail, O bold-eyed one?
  • ما چو روباهان و پای ما کرام ** می‌رهاندمان ز صدگون انتقام 2230
  • We are like foxes, and the noble (saints) are (as) our legs: they save us from a hundred kinds of vengeance.
  • حیله‌ی باریک ما چون دم ماست ** عشقها بازیم با دم چپ و راست
  • Our subtle contrivance is as our tails: we play fondly with our tails, left and right.