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  • ذره‌ها دیدم دهانشان جمله باز ** گر بگویم خوردشان گردد دراز
  • I beheld the atoms (of created existence) with their mouths all open: if I should tell of their food, it (the tale) would become long.
  • برگها را برگ از انعام او ** دایگان را دایه لطف عام او
  • Provisions have (their) provision from His bounty; His universal grace is the nourisher of them that nourish.
  • رزقها را رزقها او می‌دهد ** زانک گندم بی غذایی چون زهد
  • He bestoweth gifts (of sustenance) on the gifts (which sustain life), for how should wheat spring forth without (receiving) any sustenance?
  • نیست شرح این سخن را منتهی ** پاره‌ای گفتم بدانی پاره‌ها
  • There is no end to the explanation of this matter. I have told a portion: you may know the (remaining) portions (by analogy).
  • جمله عالم آکل و ماکول دان ** باقیان را مقبل و مقبول دان 30
  • Know that all the world is eating and eaten; know that those who have everlasting life (in God) are fortunate and accepted.
  • این جهان و ساکنانش منتشر ** وان جهان و سالکانش مستمر
  • This world and its inhabitants are (in the end) dispersed; that (other) world and its travellers are continuing (for ever).
  • این جهان و عاشقانش منقطع ** اهل آن عالم مخلد مجتمع
  • This world and its lovers are cut off; the people of that (other) world are eternalised and united.
  • پس کریم آنست کو خود را دهد ** آب حیوانی که ماند تا ابد
  • The (truly) noble, then, is he that gives to himself the Water of Life that remains unto everlasting.
  • باقیات الصالحات آمد کریم ** رسته از صد آفت و اخطار و بیم
  • The noble one is (the very essence of) the good works which endure: he has been freed from a hundred banes and perils and fears.
  • گر هزارانند یک کس بیش نیست ** چون خیالاتی عدد اندیش نیست 35
  • If they (the noble) are thousands (externally), there is no more than one (in reality): ’tis not like the fancies of him that thinks of number.