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  • دود می‌بینیم و آتش از کران ** حمله می‌آرد به سوی منکران
  • We behold the smoke and fire rushing from afar towards the unbelievers.
  • تو همی‌گویی خمش کن زین مقال ** که زیان ماست قال شوم‌فال
  • You are saying, ‘Be silent (and refrain) from these words, for the words of evil presage are hurtful to us.’”
  • ای که نصح ناصحان را نشنوی ** فال بد با تست هر جا می‌روی
  • O you who hearken not unto the admonition of the admonishers, the evil presage is with you wherever you go.
  • افعیی بر پشت تو بر می‌رود ** او ز بامی بیندش آگه کند 2970
  • A viper is walking on your back: he (the admonisher) sees it from a roof and makes (you) aware;
  • گوییش خاموش غمگینم مکن ** گوید او خوش باش خود رفت آن سخن
  • You say to him, “Hush! do not vex me”: he says, “Be happy! Truly, the words have gone (have been spoken).”
  • چون زند افعی دهان بر گردنت ** تلخ گردد جمله شادی جستنت
  • When the viper darts its mouth at your neck, all your desire for happiness is made bitter.
  • پس بدو گویی همین بود ای فلان ** چون بندریدی گریبان در فغان
  • Then you say to him, “O so-and-so, was this all (the warning you gave me)? Why didn't you tear your collar in outcry,
  • یا ز بالایم تو سنگی می‌زدی ** تا مرا آن جد نمودی و بدی
  • Or why weren't you throwing a stone at me from above, in order that that grave calamity and misfortune might be shown to me (plainly)?”
  • او بگوید زآنک می‌آزرده‌ای ** تو بگویی نیک شادم کرده‌ای 2975
  • He says, “(I refrained) because you were annoyed”; you say (ironically), “You have made me very happy!”
  • گفت من کردم جوامردی بپند ** تا رهانم من ترا زین خشک بند
  • He says, “I bestowed counsel generously, that I might deliver you from this sterile (unprofitable) bondage.