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  • طعمه‌ی گرگیم و آن یار نه ** هیزم ناریم و آن عار نه
  • We are food for the wolf, and we are not for the Friend; we are fuel for the Fire, and we are not for dishonour.”
  • حمیتی بد جاهلیت در دماغ ** بانگ شومی بر دمنشان کرد زاغ 395
  • A heathen pride was in their brains: the raven croaked disaster over the traces of their habitation.
  • بهر مظلومان همی‌کندند چاه ** در چه افتادند و می‌گفتند آه
  • They were digging a pit for the oppressed” they (themselves) fell into the pit, crying “Alas!”
  • پوستین یوسفان بکشافتند ** آنچ می‌کردند یک یک یافتند
  • They tore the coats of the Josephs (the prophets and saints), and that which they gave they got, piece by piece.
  • کیست آن یوسف دل حق‌جوی تو ** چون اسیری بسته اندر کوی تو
  • Who is that Joseph? Thy God-seeking heart, bound as a captive in thy abode.
  • جبرئیلی را بر استن بسته‌ای ** پر و بالش را به صد جا خسته‌ای
  • Thou hast bound a Gabriel on a pillar, thou hast wounded his wings and plumes in a hundred places.
  • پیش او گوساله بریان آوری ** گه کشی او را به کهدان آوری 400
  • Thou settest before him a roasted calf, thou fetchest (ground) straw and bringest him to the straw-barn,
  • که بخور اینست ما را لوت و پوت ** نیست او را جز لقاء الله قوت
  • Saying, “Eat; this is a dainty meal for us,” (although) for him there is no food but meeting God face to face.
  • زین شکنجه و امتحان آن مبتلا ** می‌کند از تو شکایت با خدا
  • On account of this torment and tribulation that afflicted (heart) is complaining of thee to God,
  • کای خدا افغان ازین گرگ کهن ** گویدش نک وقت آمد صبر کن
  • Crying, “O God, deliver (me) from this old wolf!” He (God) saith to it, “Lo, the hour is (wellnigh) come: have patience.