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  • دست خود خشمین ز دست او کشید ** چون ز گفت اوش درد دل رسید
  • He angrily withdrew his hand from his (Hárith's) hand, since his heart was pained by his words.
  • سینه‌اش را کوفت شیطان و گریخت ** خون آن بیچارگان زین مکر ریخت 4050
  • Satan smote his (Hárith's) breast and fled: by means of this plot he shed the blood of those wretched men.
  • چونک ویران کرد چندین عالم او ** پس بگفت این بری منکم
  • After he had ruined so great a multitude, he then said, “Lo, I am quit of you.”
  • کوفت اندر سینه‌اش انداختش ** پس گریزان شد چو هیبت تاختش
  • He smote him on the breast and overthrew him; then he turned to flee, since terror urged him on.
  • نفس و شیطان هر دو یک تن بوده‌اند ** در دو صورت خویش را بنموده‌اند
  • The fleshly soul and the Devil both have (ever) been one person (essentially); (but) they have manifested themselves in two forms,
  • چون فرشته و عقل کایشان یک بدند ** بهر حکمتهاش دو صورت شدند
  • Like the angel and the intellect, which were (really) one, (but) became two forms for the sake of His (God's) wise purposes.
  • دشمنی داری چنین در سر خویش ** مانع عقلست و خصم جان و کیش 4055
  • You have such an enemy as this in your inward part: he is the preventer of the intellect, and the adversary of the spirit and of religion.
  • یکنفس حمله کند چون سوسمار ** پس بسوراخی گریزد در فرار
  • At one moment he dashes forward like the Libyan lizard; then (again) in flight he darts away into a hole.
  • در دل او سوراخها دارد کنون ** سر ز هر سوراخ می‌آرد برون
  • Just now he has (many) holes in the (human) heart, and from every hole he is putting out his head.
  • نام پنهان گشتن دیو از نفوس ** واندر آن سوراخ رفتن شد خنوس
  • The name that denotes the Devil's becoming hidden from (men's) souls and going into that hole is khunús (slinking back),