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  • خود تبوراکست این تهدیدها ** پیش آنچ دیده است این دیدها
  • Verily, these threats (of yours) are (as) a little tomtom beside that which these eyes (of mine) have seen.
  • ای حریفان من از آنها نیستم ** کز خیالاتی درین ره بیستم 4100
  • O comrades, I am not one of those (without experience), that because of idle fancies I should halt on the Way.
  • من چو اسماعیلیانم بی‌حذر ** بل چو اسمعیل آزادم ز سر
  • I am unafraid (of death), like the Ismá‘ílís; nay, like Ismá‘íl (Ishmael) I am free from (care for my) head.
  • فارغم از طمطراق و از ریا ** قل تعالوا گفت جانم را بیا
  • I am done with pomp and ostentation. ‘Say, come ye’: He (the Beloved) said to my soul, ‘Come.’”
  • گفت پیغامبر که جاد فی السلف ** بالعطیه من تیقن بالخلف
  • The Prophet has said that one who feels sure of the recompense will give generously beforehand.
  • هر که بیند مر عطا را صد عوض ** زود دربازد عطا را زین غرض
  • Whoever sees a hundred compensations for the gift will at once give away the gift with this object (in view).
  • جمله در بازار از آن گشتند بند ** تا چو سود افتاد مال خود دهند 4105
  • All have become tied (to their business) in the bazaar (this world), to the end that when (the chance of) gain occurs they may give their money.
  • زر در انبانها نشسته منتظر ** تا که سود آید ببذل آید مصر
  • With gold in their money-bags, they are seated expectantly (in the hope) that the gain may come and that he who persists (in waiting) may begin to squander (his gold).
  • چون ببیند کاله‌ای در ربح بیش ** سرد گردد عشقش از کالای خویش
  • When he sees a piece of merchandise exceeding (his own) in profit, his fondness for his own goods becomes chilled;
  • گرم زان ماندست با آن کو ندید ** کاله‌های خویش را ربح و مزید
  • (For hitherto) he has remained enamoured of those, because he perceived no profit and advantage superior to his own goods.