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  • آنک حق و راستست از ما و او ** نصرتش ده نصرت او را بجو
  • Whichever is right and true, between us and him, give the victory to that one and desire him to be victorious.’
  • این دعا بسیار کردیم و صلات ** پیش لات و پیش عزی و منات
  • Ofttimes we made this invocation and (bowed down in) prayer before Lát and ‘Uzzá and Manát,
  • که اگر حقست او پیداش کن ** ور نباشد حق زبون ماش کن
  • Saying, ‘If he is in the right, make him manifest; if he is not in the right, make him subject to us.’
  • چونک وا دیدیم او منصور بود ** ما همه ظلمت بدیم او نور بود 4490
  • When we recognised (what had come to pass), he was the one to whom victory was given: we all were darkness, he was the light.
  • این جواب ماست کانچ خواستید ** گشت پیدا که شما ناراستید
  • This is our answer (from God)—‘(Concerning) that which ye desired (to know), it has become evident that ye are the untrue.’”
  • باز این اندیشه را از فکر خویش ** کور می‌کردند و دفع از ذکر خویش
  • Then, again, they were blindfolding (hiding) this thought from their reflective faculty and banishing it from their memory,
  • کین تفکرمان هم از ادبار رست ** که صواب او شود در دل درست
  • Saying, “This thought too has arisen from our ill-luck, (namely, the thought) that his being in the right should be perfectly established (proven beyond doubt) in our minds.
  • خود چه شد گر غالب آمد چند بار ** هر کسی را غالب آرد روزگار
  • What, indeed, does it matter if he has prevailed (against us) several times? Time (Fortune) brings every one to predominance (now and then).
  • ما هم از ایام بخت‌آور شدیم ** بارها بر وی مظفر آمدیم 4495
  • We also were made successful by the Days (Fortune), and at times became victorious over him.”
  • باز گفتندی که گرچه او شکست ** چون شکست ما نبود آن زشت و پست
  • (But) again they were saying (to themselves), “Although he was defeated, it was not disgraceful and vile like our defeat,”