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  • از فطام خون غذااش شیر شد ** وز فطام شیر لقمه‌گیر شد
  • Through (his) being weaned from blood, his nourishment became milk; and through (his) being weaned from milk, he became a taker of (solid) food.
  • وز فطام لقمه لقمانی شود ** طالب اشکار پنهانی شود
  • And through (his) being weaned from food he becomes (a sage) like Luqmán; he becomes a seeker (hunter) of the hidden game.
  • گر جنین را کس بگفتی در رحم ** هست بیرون عالمی بس منتظم
  • If any one were to say to the embryo in the womb, “Outside is a world exceedingly well-ordered,
  • یک زمینی خرمی با عرض و طول ** اندرو صد نعمت و چندین اکول
  • A pleasant earth, broad and long, wherein are a hundred delights and so many things to eat,
  • کوهها و بحرها و دشتها ** بوستانها باغها و کشتها 55
  • Mountains and seas and plains, fragrant orchards, gardens and sown fields,
  • آسمانی بس بلند و پر ضیا ** آفتاب و ماهتاب و صد سها
  • A sky very lofty and full of light, sun and moonbeams and a hundred stars.
  • از جنوب و از شمال و از دبور ** باغها دارد عروسیها و سور
  • From the south-wind and from the north-wind and from the west-wind the gardens have (the appearance of) wedding-feasts and banquets.
  • در صفت ناید عجایبهای آن ** تو درین ظلمت چه‌ای در امتحان
  • Its marvels come not into (are beyond) description: why art thou in tribulation in this darkness?
  • خون خوری در چارمیخ تنگنا ** در میان حبس و انجاس و عنا
  • (Why) dost thou drink blood on the gibbet of this narrow place (the womb) in the midst of confinement and filth and pain?”—
  • او بحکم حال خود منکر بدی ** زین رسالت معرض و کافر شدی 60
  • It (the embryo), in virtue of its present state, would be incredulous, and would turn away from this message and would disbelieve it,