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  • هر پیمبر که در آید در رحم ** نجم او بر چرخ گردد منتجم
  • Whenever any prophet enters into the womb, his star becomes conspicuous in the sky.
  • پیدا شدن استاره‌ی موسی علیه السلام بر آسمان و غریو منجمان در میدان
  • The appearance of the star of Moses, on whom be peace, in the sky and the outcry of the astrologers in the maydán.
  • بر فلک پیدا شد آن استاره‌اش ** کوری فرعون و مکر و چاره‌اش
  • His star appeared in the sky, to the confusion of Pharaoh and his plots and devices.
  • روز شد گفتش که ای عمران برو ** واقف آن غلغل و آن بانگ شو
  • Day broke: he (Pharaoh) said to him (‘Imrán), “O ‘Imrán, go, inform thyself concerning that uproar and noise.”
  • راند عمران جانب میدان و گفت ** این چه غلغل بود شاهنشه نخفت
  • ‘Imrán rode to the maydán and said, “What uproar was this? The King of kings has not slept.”
  • هر منجم سر برهنه جامه‌پاک ** همچو اصحاب عزا بوسیده خاک 905
  • Every astrologer, with head bare and garment rent, kissed the earth (before him), like mourners.
  • همچو اصحاب عزا آوازشان ** بد گرفته از فغان و سازشان
  • Their voices were choked with lamentation, like mourners, and their guise (dishevelled).
  • ریش و مو بر کنده رو بدریدگان ** خاک بر سر کرده خون‌پر دیدگان
  • They had plucked out their beards and hair; their faces were torn; they had cast earth on their heads, and their eyes were filled with blood.
  • گفت خیرست این چه آشوبست و حال ** بد نشانی می‌دهد منحوس سال
  • He (‘Imrán) said, “Is it well (with you)? What is this perturbation and emotion? Does the unlucky year give an evil sign?”
  • عذر آوردند و گفتند ای امیر ** کرد ما را دست تقدیرش اسیر
  • They offered excuses and said, “O Amír, the hand of His predestination hath made us captive.
  • این همه کردیم و دولت تیره شد ** دشمن شه هست گشت و چیره شد 910
  • We have done all this, and (now) Fortune is darkened: the King's enemy has come into being and has prevailed.