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  • می‌شکافد آسمان از شادیش ** خاک چون سوسن شده ز آزادیش
  • Heaven is bursting for joy of him; earth is become like the lily on account of his purity.
  • ظاهرت با باطنت ای خاک خوش ** چونک در جنگ‌اند و اندر کش‌مکش 1020
  • Since thy outward and thy inward, O fair earth, are at war and (engaged) in struggling (with each other)—
  • هر که با خود بهر حق باشد به جنگ ** تا شود معنیش خصم بو و رنگ
  • Whoso is at war with himself for God's sake, to the end that his (inward) reality may become the opponent of (mere) scent and colour,
  • ظلمتش با نور او شد در قتال ** آفتاب جانش را نبود زوال
  • (If) his darkness is in combat with his light, the sun of his spirit will never set.
  • هر که کوشد بهر ما در امتحان ** پشت زیر پایش آرد آسمان
  • Whoso shall strive in tribulation for Our sake, Heaven will put its back under (will support) his feet.”
  • ظاهرت از تیرگی افغان کنان ** باطن تو گلستان در گلستان
  • Your outward (form) is wailing because of the darkness; your inward (spirit) is (like) roses within roses.
  • قاصد او چون صوفیان روترش ** تا نیامیزند با هر نورکش 1025
  • It (your outward form) is purposely like Súfís (who are) sour-faced (sad and mournful) in order that they may not mix with every one that quenches the (inner) light.
  • عارفان روترش چون خارپشت ** عیش پنهان کرده در خار درشت
  • Like the hedgehog, the sour-faced knowers (of God) have hidden their (spiritual) pleasures in rough prickles (of austerity).
  • باغ پنهان گرد باغ آن خار فاش ** کای عدوی دزد زین در دور باش
  • The orchard is hidden, (while) around the orchard those thorns are plainly seen, saying, “O thievish foe, keep far from this gate!”
  • خارپشتا خار حارس کرده‌ای ** سر چو صوفی در گریبان برده‌ای
  • O hedgehog, you have made the prickles your guardian and, like a Súfí, have buried your head in your bosom,