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  • بازگونه رفت خواهی همچنین ** سوی دوزخ اسفل اندر سافلین
  • Upside down likewise thou wilt go Hellward, the lowest among the low.
  • او اگر معزول گشتست و فقیر ** هست در پیشانیش بدر منیر
  • If he (Solomon) has been deposed and reduced to poverty, (yet) the radiant full-moon is on his forehead.
  • تو اگر انگشتری را برده‌ای ** دوزخی چون زمهریر افسرده‌ای
  • If thou hast carried off the (royal) signet-ring, (yet) thou art (as) a Hell frozen like (the region of) piercing cold.
  • ما ببوش و عارض و طاق و طرنب ** سر کجا که خود همی ننهیم سنب
  • On account of (the Demon's) ostentation and vain show and pomp and grandeur how (should we lay) the head (in obeisance before him)? for we will not lay (before him) even a hoof.
  • ور به غفلت ما نهیم او را جبین ** پنجه‌ی مانع برآید از زمین 1280
  • And if heedlessly we should lay the forehead (on the ground in homage) to him, a preventing hand will rise up from the earth,
  • که منه آن سر مرین سر زیر را ** هین مکن سجده مرین ادبار را
  • (As though to say), ‘Do not lay the head before this headlong-fallen one; beware, do not bow down to this ill-fated wretch!’”
  • کردمی من شرح این بس جان‌فزا ** گر نبودی غیرت و رشک خدا
  • I would have given a very soul-quickening exposition of this (story), were it not for the indignation and jealousy of God.
  • هم قناعت کن تو بپذیر این قدر ** تا بگویم شرح این وقتی دگر
  • Still, be content and accept this (insufficient) amount, that I may explain (the whole of) this at another time.
  • نام خود کرده سلیمان نبی ** روی‌پوشی می‌کند بر هر صبی
  • He (the Demon), having called himself by the name of the prophet Solomon, makes it a mask to deceive every (foolish) boy.
  • در گذر از صورت و از نام خیز ** از لقب وز نام در معنی گریز 1285
  • Pass on from the (outward) form and rise beyond the name: flee from title and from name (and enter) into reality.