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  • وصف جبریلی دریشان بود رفت ** تنگ بود آن خانه و آن وصف زفت 1510
  • The qualities of Gabriel were in them and departed: that house was (too) narrow, and those qualities (too) grand.
  • مرده گردد شخص کو بی‌جان شود ** خر شود چون جان او بی‌آن شود
  • The person who is deprived of (the vital) spirit becomes dead: when his spirit is deprived of those (angelic qualities), he becomes an ass,
  • زانک جانی کان ندارد هست پست ** این سخن حقست و صوفی گفته است
  • Because the spirit that hath not those (qualities) is vile: this word is true, and the (perfect) Súfí has said (it).
  • او ز حیوانها فزون‌تر جان کند ** در جهان باریک کاریها کند
  • He (the man of animal nature) suffers more anxiety than the beasts, (for) he practises subtle arts in the world.
  • مکر و تلبیسی که او داند تنید ** آن ز حیوان دیگر ناید پدید
  • The cunning and imposture which he knows how to spin— that (cunning) is not produced by any other animal.
  • جامه‌های زرکشی را بافتن ** درها از قعر دریا یافتن 1515
  • To weave gold-embroidered robes, to win pearls from the bottom of the sea,
  • خرده‌کاریهای علم هندسه ** یا نجوم و علم طب و فلسفه
  • The fine artifices of geometry or astronomy, and the science of medicine and philosophy—
  • که تعلق با همین دنیاستش ** ره به هفتم آسمان بر نیستش
  • Which are connected only with this world and have no way (of mounting) up to the Seventh Heaven—
  • این همه علم بنای آخرست ** که عماد بود گاو و اشترست
  • All this is the science of building the (worldly) stable which is the pillar (basis) of the existence of (persons like) the ox and the camel.
  • بهر استبقای حیوان چند روز ** نام آن کردند این گیجان رموز
  • For the sake of preserving the animal for a few days, these crazy fools have given to those (arts and sciences) the name of “mysteries.”